6 Compelling Reasons to Go-Direct Today

Are you still wondering where and how of investments? Are you tired of depending on advisors and brokers for executing every small investment decision? Would you like to save costs and make higher returns?

Here are 6 compelling reasons for you to shift to an independent online investment platform and Go Direct.

It makes money sense!

When you invest with the help of an agent or advisor, you are charged up to 2.5% of your investment as charges up front. Out of this up to 1.5% goes as commission to your advisor. If you invest directly, you will straight away save this commission. With the cost of investment down, your profits will be higher.

You will see this when you compare direct and regular options of the same mutual funds. You will always find the direct mutual fund NAV higher than the regular option.

You can transact on the go:

If you shop online, pay your bills online, watch movies online – then why not invest online?

These days you can seamlessly buy transfer money and make payments online. You can even sync all your smartphones, tablets and laptops to add to the convenience. Added to this, when you use an independent online investment platform, you can also view all your mutual funds investment in one view.

So whether you are at home, out shopping, travelling or on vacation, you can easily transact buy, sell and track your investments at the click of a button. If you chose an independent platform, you can also see all your investment in the same view.

If I can learn to do – you can learn to do it:

Mutual funds are not rocket science. But they are still inhibiting to most investors for the first time.

 AMFI and SEBI have taken many initiatives to make sure investors are well protected. These days a lot of material is available online that you can read up to understand how to go about investing. Just remember a few basics:

       ·         Start small
       ·         Be patient

o  Select funds which have shown consistent returns over 1,3 and 5 years. Don’t get carried away by flash in the pan high returns
o   Assess  1,3,5 year returns of your investments and not weekly or monthly returns
o   Don’t lose heart over losses in the short term

        ·         Don’t get carried away by what your friend, colleague or an uncle are doing
        ·         You only hear people making profits – that’s because they don’t reveal their losses
        ·         Long term investments will ride over any short term blips
      ·     Follow your own portfolio allocation – base it on your personal financial planning and future needs

You can take charge of your portfolio:

If you invest through an advisor or broker, many times you have to depend on them to affect any transactions. So if you need some money, you have to call your advisor who will take his time to redeem a fund. This money will come into your account eventually.

But if you invest through a comprehensive independent investment platform, you have access to your investment anytime and anywhere. With a few clicks, you can buy or sell mutual funds whenever you please. This is convenient as well as quick.

You get a comprehensive view of all your investments:

Going direct online comes with one great advantage – you can view all your investments in one place. Now you don’t have to keep a thick file of portfolio statements, welcome letters and redemption notes. All that you need to know about your investments is available to you in one place. Under one login, you can find out all the information you need about your mutual funds like:

       ·         Investment date
       ·         NAV at the time of investment
       ·         Current value of your investment
       ·         Profit value of your investments
       ·         Proportion of allocation of your investments etc

So stop depending on anyone:

When you invest directly through an independent platform, you get complete access to all your investments. Now you don’t have to depend on an employee of a fund house to sell or buy your mutual fund. You also don’t have to depend on them for advice on what’s good for your portfolio or not.

A lot of reading material is available on the portal as well as other websites that can help you learn about investing, market trends, portfolio management etc. with a little bit of effort and time, you can be the manager of your own portfolio. You can now have complete control of your investments.

Investing online and through a comprehensive platform is the future of investing. There are a lot of benefits to both. So spend a little time to read up and become a smart investor without wasting any more time!
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