6 Bogus Facts About Garage Buildings That Everyone Thinks Are True

People all over the place love acting like they know what they’re talking about. Often times, however, the people who say the most stuff actually should be saying the least… because they don’t have a clue. Yeah, they really don’t know what they’re talking about.

There are a lot of guides out there on the internet for people considering the addition of a garage to their property. Some provide tons of helpful tips and good, dependable information on what needs to be done when building a garage. However, there are a lot of articles out there filled with completely bogus information, too.
After scouring the internet for facts and fictions related to garage construction, I’ve stumbled across a lot of “facts” on garages that don’t pass my personal litmus test for factual information. Six of my favorite bogus facts are listed below, with a couple ounces of truth put behind them, also. Use this information wisely when doing your research on garages in the future.

Bogus Fact no. 1: A whole bunch of entrepreneurs and their businesses got started in a garage.

This fact shouldn’t need a whole bunch of explanation to see how bogus it is. Garages have this legendary status in American culture as the place where businesses are started. And while the mystique of being able to start a business anywhere and utilize determination and passion to make it succeed are great aspects of the “American Dream,” that’s not really practical. According to recent research, the entrepreneurial spirit that drives business is commonly fostered by… a creative business environment.

Entrepreneurs need confidence, business savvy, and quality connections to really develop a sound business. While starting a business in a garage can certainly keep expenses low, it generally doesn’t bode well for developing confidence as a business owner and creating networking opportunities, two things almost any startup organization needs to truly “get off the ground.”

Bogus Fact no. 2: Burglars can open your garage door with their own remote control.

It is assumed by many garage owners that they need to constantly have the deadbolts reinforced on their garage doors because thieves can easily break in if determined and in possession of a similar remote. Any homeowner who has bought a garage door opener in the last decade can sleep soundly tonight, however, as all garage openers made over the last 10 to 15 years include a device that “randomizes” the opening signal with each use. Anyone that owns a door opener older than that might want to consider an upgrade, though.

Bogus Fact no. 3: Garage doors have to be painted in a light color that reflects sunlight.

This bogus fact – commonly referred to as the “reflection theory” – isn’t really true. There is truth to the fact that lighter colors reflect light, don’t get things twisted. However, if someone has a preference for darker shades – especially greens or reds – then the garage door can be an actual color. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the paint used on the door better be weatherproof. Otherwise, the color will quickly fade or weather, leaving distinctive markings on the door.

Bogus Fact no. 4: Women are scared to go out into the garage.

This fact is often pushed forward by Hollywood, and who can blame the masses for buying into it? On film, garages are often dirty, dark, and typically have stalkers or axe murderers hiding behind a large box.
Outside of the damsels in distress on the screen, the truth is that many women are just as capable of using the garage as men. Women may not want to “hang out” in the garage, true, but using the garage as an effective and convenient storage location cannot be overlooked. Online, there are even garage-type personality tests that women can use to find out what kind of garage best fits their personal style.

Bogus Fact no. 5: You have to run every aspect of garage construction past local building departments before the job can begin.

A lot of articles on the internet advise DIY-builders to proceed with caution when setting out on a garage build, cautioning that local building codes need to be adhered to and strictly followed. While this is true, what isn’t true is the bogus fact that the only people who know this information are local officials.

At many major home improvement retailers, the experts selling products for DIY construction are already familiar with local building codes. Many local construction companies for garage buildings also know the rules and regs and can be faster to respond. If the people at those locations can’t provide you with the regulations, you’re in search of, consult the websites of your municipality or homeowner’s association before calling local building departments. Many times, smaller jurisdictions have specific guidelines that local building departments may not be aware of, which can cause a headache when projects approach completion.

Bogus Fact no. 6: Garages are only useful as additional storage space.

Storage space is the most common reason garages are built which is not true at all because still often build their storage unit or rely on professional service like storage units north Hollywood. In recent years, however, garage development has shifted to multiple users in more affluent areas. Some people now remodel old garages into livable spaces, similar to remodeling basements. Common methods of garage construction have also been used to build barns and commercial retail spaces, also, because of the ease with which the building process can be streamlined.

Like onions and parfaits, there are a lot of layers to the story of the development of garages. The next time you hear something about garages that seems a little out there take a second and think about it. If something sounds bogus, chances are good it probably is bogus.
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