USA Favorite Blackberry - Story of Selling My Blackberry 9720

A Blackberry was known to be one of the finest smartphones of all times. For Mobile phones or tablets, people’s first preference was blackberry. Now in 2018, we can see that, now TCL is marketing blackberry’s mobile phone, which is under the brand name of a blackberry. A blackberry was considered as brand names that not only gave best and secure communication programs but also it holds mobile productivity. Customers were attracted to this brand for these specializations, but there was also one thing added by blackberry, that has not only given a rise to the statistics of blackberry but also many new customers, many new beers paid heed to the productions of blackberry smartphones and ended up buying it. That is the keyboard when any person hears the name of blackberry, the first thing that just pops out in a mind is the ultimate keyboard. If we see the statistics of blackberry then 2013 was the year of blackberry. Almost 85 million subscribers hold a blackberry.

Yes, now blackberry is not even a consideration or preference for any buyer, because of the platform of Apple and Android. The clash of Apple and Android is already a huge chaos and people have already indulged themselves into both these platforms that Blackberry now is just a name. Just like Apple, Blackberry also used its own platform, its own operating system of Blackberry, its own blackberry messengers like messages and equipped keyboards. As soon as the touchscreen took place of the keyboard, blackberry also revises their strategy and in 2015. They introduced a slider mobile phone that has a touchscreen as well as the charm of the keyboard.

Technology is something that is now is being very demanding. If we see the changes that technology has gone through for so many years, then we can notice that for many years, mobile phone and devices has become the priority for everyone. Now, even a child of 10 years wants a good smartphone. The need for technology has become a longing for everyone in this world that they want the best for themselves.

How I sold my Blackberry 9720

As we are talking about the Blackberry and its production of mobile phones, I was also one the user of Blackberry and as the world was attracted to the Blackberry’s mobile phone productions, I was one of them. If we see all the productions of Blackberry, specifically the section of the mobile phone, then the best blackberry of all time is BlackBerry KEY, which has, and aluminum frame, touch screen and keyboard. Blackberry Motion is also on the list of top Blackberry mobile phones. As I was talking about my experience, well, there were many productions of the Blackberry that I really wanted to buy at that time. In 2013, which was the year of Blackberry and on the same year Blackberry 9720 enticed the world by its specifications. If we look at the specifications of the Blackberry 9720, now in 2018, it would mean nothing, but in 2013, it was a whole lot thing to digest.

It was released in August 2013, now as it happens with other mobile phones too, the production of Blackberry 9720 has been discontinued for so many years. In 2013, the concept of huge and heavy mobile phones was nowhere. At that time, small and compact mobile phones were in the fashion. The dimension of Blackberry 9720 was 4.49 x 2.60 x 0.47 in; the weight of the mobile phone was 120 g. the optical trackpad with a mini sim, and the feature of QWERTY, which is specifically designed for Latin script alphabets. The display of Blackberry 9720 has IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with 16 M colors. The resolution it carries is 480 x 360 pixels along with a ratio of 4:3. As I have already mentioned that Blackberry used its own operating system. Therefore, this mobile phone has an OS of 7.1 with a CPU of 806 MHz Tavor MG1. The internal memory holds the capacity of 512 MB ROM, with 512 MB RAM. Five MP back camera with an LED flash and a 3 mm jack for headphones. If we see the additional features of the Blackberry 9720, then it has a BBM key with an organizer, predictive text input, and document viewer and voice memo/dial. A removable battery, which on standby mode, can run up to 430 h. The color scheme was Black, White, Purple, Blue, and Pure Pink. In 2013, the price of the Blackberry 9720 was around $150 to $160, depending on the color.

In the same year, I bought this mobile phone, I used it for 2 years, and I was satisfied with the gadget. However, human nature, what can we say, new production means changing an old mobile phone. In order to buy a new mobile phone, normally people first try to sell their old mobile phones.

Now that we have so, many good and reliable websites like and many more through which we can sell our gadgets. Whether I want to sell my mobile, sell my iPad 2 32gb, sell my Samsung j5 2016, sell my note or I want to sell my one plus 3.

In 2015, I wanted to sell my Blackberry 9720; I researched many websites, in order to get a good price. I visited many local stores in the USA. At last, I was succeeded in selling my mobile phone. First, I thought that I should sell my mobile phone online. Unlike in 2018, where people’s first preference is to sell their gadgets online. In 2015, online selling was considered a risk. Therefore, I decided to sell my mobile phone in a store. The price, I asked, was around $80, but as the new productions touch the world, the price of old mobile phone suddenly falls. Therefore, I got $74 for my Blackberry 9720, I was ok with the amount, and then I shifted to Android in order to experience the change.
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