Tech that can Save Your Restaurant Money

Running a restaurant is for experienced multitaskers, and budding restauranteurs must know how to manage several aspects of their business at once in order to be successful.

If you are not careful when starting up and managing your restaurant, it can quickly become a liability instead of an asset. Many business owners overlook simple day to day operations that suck the life out of their businesses, running them into the red as they struggle to keep their clientele satisfied and well fed.

With a recent surge in technology improvement around the hospitality business, it is a wise decision for all restaurant owners to procure some of these technologies with the expectation that they will save both time and money, two critical aspects of your business that must be managed successfully. Here are some of those innovative inventions that will free up both time and capital, allowing you to focus on some of the bigger picture decisions you must make:

A Modern Point of Sale System

A good POS, or Point of Sale system, is going to be the lifeblood of your business. With it, you can see who is selling what, what volume every employee generates during his/her shift, and even if your employees are stealing from you. In addition, a good POS system can help you keep an accurate inventory of available products and streamline product delivery to customers by communicating between front and back employees. Investing in great POS software that does some of this calculation for you will pay for itself in dividends of both time and money.

Scheduling Software

Implementing an employee scheduling software program and possibly integrating it into your POS system will be a powerful way of tracking data across all aspects of your business. Pen and paper spreadsheets and cross-checking will become a thing of the past as you implement this game changer, which will reduce your labor costs and reduce the possibility of overstaffing and double scheduled shifts. Consider integrating both scheduling and POS software for added effectiveness in tracking individual employee data and sales records.

Self-ordering Kiosks

Allowing customers, a degree of autonomy in making their own choices, and then being able to order them when ready will free up your staff to focus on other aspects of the business such as creating a clean and inviting atmosphere, attending to specific details and customer requests, and answering general questions about your establishment.

Robotics for Restaurants and Food Service

Although this is a relatively new technology for the restaurant business, it is being used increasingly more as high-volume service becomes necessary and the need to reduce human error becomes more important. Several restaurants in the Boston and New York areas now employ the use of robots to receive orders and prepare meals for guests in under three minutes, streamlining the kitchen process like never before. In addition, you will be inundated with requests from media outlets all across the region, not to mention additional business, as a result of the use of your innovative and time-saving techniques.

Employee Incentive Program Technologies

Staff turnover is a big problem in the technology industry. It is costly to implement training programs and maintain consistent quality when you are a revolving door for employees. Providing an incentive program, and then backing it up with the technology that will track this type of program, is a key to making sure that your employees not only go the distance with you, but they are rewarded for achievement and longevity.

While running a restaurant is a time consuming and fast-paced lifestyle, it is also very exciting and rewarding. Investing in some of these technologies will not only benefit you but the entire team that you are surrounding yourself with as you grow and thrive with your own unique brand of hospitality and commitment to customer service.
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