Is It Legal to Play the Lottery Online in India?

Two years ago, the Supreme Court granted permission to all state governments that they can apply the ban on the lottery in their state. In India, there is the restriction on gambling but the legislation is set up by every individual state in the matter of gambling. There are some states which playing lotteries both in the form of online and land-based lottery retailers.

The biggest state lottery game is played in the Playwin Indian Lottery, which is managed by the Sikkim Government. The condition for playing this lottery is that you must be of 18 years old and moreover you must be a resident of any one of the following states: Sikkim, Goa, Arunachal Pradesh, Maharashtra and West Bengal. 

The lottery is legal in 13 states, banned in rest but available almost everywhere

In India, there is the ban on the sale of lottery leaving 13 states. And these 13 states are:

1.      Kerala
2.      Goa
3.      Maharashtra
4.      Madhya Pradesh
5.      Punjab
6.      West Bengal
7.      Assam
8.      Arunachal Pradesh
9.      Meghalaya
10.  Manipur
11.  Sikkim
12.  Nagaland
13.  Mizoram

Selling of lotteries is famous in states like Maharashtra, Mizoram, Kerala, Nagaland and Sikkim. The result of the lottery in Mizoram is keenly awaited by the people. And the same situation is there with state Nagaland, Sikkim and Kerala. Read more.

Earlier the center of lottery Tamilnadu and Karnataka have completely banned the system of lotteries. The situation to ban lotteries arises when the social activist raised concerns about the addiction in people about lotteries and gambling ruining their family life.

Though the ban on lotteries is not very effective because people operate lotteries online and the operators have introduced many options like “single digit” matches which provide them small prizes announced daily and big prizes are announced separately.

There are also some illegal lotteries that are running in the states by anonymous players. They can be reached easily as they run there work online. As people from one place can check the status of the result of their state online. This trafficking has also increased the problem of addiction in people.


The lottery was launched in November 2001 and it was the first lottery in India which allowed online ticket sales. The lottery is run by the Pan India Network Ltd. which is under the total control of the Sikkim Government. About 500 millionaires have been generated by Playwin lottery.

The five games which it contains are:

a.       Saturday super lotto
b.      Thursday super lotto
c.       Thunderball
d.      Jaldi 5
e.       Jaldi 5 double

It can be purchased both online and through the retailer. For buying online you will require a Playwin card. And from retailer simply fill your numbers in the lottery play slip and give the ticket to the retailer who will give you proof of the ticket bought by you.

 There are Top 10 Online Lottery Tickets Websites: 

a.  Lottery Sambad: One of the best website to check the results of any lottery in India. You can also download the lottery results from this website. It also has some unique features like Old Lottery Results and Much more. Yes, best website to check lottery sambad result.
b.    LottoAgent: It has an impressive variety of payment method. And it will send you scanned copy of the ticket you purchased.
c.    Play Huge Lottos: It has also a huge selection of payment methods and has a large selection of payments method.
d.   WinTrillions: it has 100% money refund guarantee and has a large selection of lotteries to play.
e.     LottoGo: It has multilingual support and has a loyalty scheme for the existing players.
f.   LottoKings: It supports on the platform like mobile, tablet and desktop and has a variety of features like the single ticket, syndicate share and raffles.
g.     The Lotter: It has the variety of lotteries to choose and experience of years.
h.     Lottoland: It has regular jackpots and guaranteed payouts.
i.      Multi Lotto: In this data is highly secured and it does not share any info with the third party. It has a stunning design and user interface.
j. It has a greater customer experience and has an easy process of signing in. Supports the wide range of payment options.
k.     Lotto Send: It has availability of scanned tickets and has superb welcome bonuses.

How to Buy Online Lottery Tickets in India:

1.    First, you will require to open an account: select any one of the leading lottery agents which is trustworthy. For opening the account, click on the button and complete the registration process which will ask you some basic identification details.
2.   Pick up the lottery that you think it matches your requirement: The leading lotteries are Powerball, Euro Millions and Euro Jackpot. You can select any of the lotteries, each lotto has different rules and regulations.
3.   At last, you will be purchasing your first online ticket: when you have your account, picked the lottery which you want to play and lucky number, you are all set up. Now what you have to do is to complete your first ticket purchase. 
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