Why Online Businesses Fail at Targeted Internet Marketing?

In my mind targeted Internet marketing is the best way to go. Not everyone agrees with me based on what I see every day online. Why is it that so many online marketers fail to target their efforts? 

What Target Internet Marketing Is Not:-

      1.   Running ads blindly in a traffic exchange without categories is not targeting your marketing. All you are doing is hoping your ad catches the eye of someone and they click on it. If you are going to do traffic exchanges at least get your ads in the categories of people who are interested in seeing it. 

    2. Making a blog post and not bookmarking it. If you are new to the business you need to be bookmarking your posts so search engines and readers can find it. 

    I hear every day how people complain about how little traffic they get to their blog. You can be proactive when you are targeting your marketing this way. At the very least do this until you build up a large subscriber base to your RSS feed and know people will be reading what you write. 

      3. Promoting products via email marketing that don't relate to your list. It is amazing to me how Internet amateurs will try and promote so many different products to their list. 

    If you have a list that is based on offering tips on staying healthy what is the point of promoting Internet advertising products to it. The same thing is true if you have a home business list and you are trying to sell pet products. It doesn't make any sense and it is a very good way to get people to unsubscribe from your list. 

      4. Do affiliate marketing with a niche in mind. Running an affiliate business that offers a variety of products is a sure way to fail. 

      You want to target the products you are selling to the audience that is interested in them. Then when you go out and do marketing of any type you have a better chance of making a sale. For some reason people struggle when it comes to determining what niche they want to be in. 

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Thankfully there is a lot of good training available in membership sites and other types of training on choosing a profitable niche. Once you have your niche established you can determine how you are going to promote and targeting it the correct way. 

These are a few useful tips on doing targeted Internet marketing. Your online business does not have to fail if you will keep in mind how you go about doing targeting the online marketing you are doing. 
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