Salesforce DX: The Multitude of New Features and Benefits for the Admin

When it comes to different technological changes in terms of developer experience and development, Salesforce has always excellently managed to be at the forefront. The creative and ultra-modish endeavors of the Enterprise Cloud now is visible to the entire world, however, this was not the same case when they first began their journey in the niche of development experience and platform. The firm managed to highlight its innovative muscles at the Dreamforce 2016 where it unraveled the latest development experience termed as the Salesforce DX.

If you are wondering what is Salesforce DX and why it is outfitted to ease the developer experience and enhance the functionality of the development platform for admins, here is a write-up that will help you understand the various gamut of the Salesforce DX.

What Is Salesforce DX and How It Functions?

The Salesforce DX was brought into light alongside other technological enhancements such as the Einstein AI platform. Flaunting to bring a drastic positive impact in the day to day activities of the Salesforce professionals, the Salesforce DX platform is crafted to render an interesting and creative way of thinking and working on the Salesforce development. Salesforce DX promises to bring a transition into the existing contemporary life-cycle management tools that are utilized for coding on the platform. As per the experts at who have been keeping a close watch on the design of the Salesforce DX cite that the platform is furnished to aid the admins and the Salesforce developers to craft together and confer the results with optimum consistency.

Bringing New Tooling Features

It goes without saying that in the last ten years there has been a lot of shifts in the manner of software delivery by teams. Salesforce DX firmly recognizes and respects these shifts by providing the opportunity to incorporate third-party application like Git and Jenkins, making the platform a stand out among other contemporary development stacks.

Open APIs and Robust CLI

Apart from the development of utility tools and the flexibility to integrate the third-party applications, the Salesforce DX also renders open APIs and strong command line interfaces. These new features enable the developers to write their own automation and scripts regardless of their familiarity with packaging and deployment.

Blessing for Admins

Perhaps the best part of the Salesforce DX is the flexibility to allow people apart from the tag of “coder” to contribute to the platform. These are basically the admins for which the DX platform has availed the "click not code philosophy" which means they can embed their data into an app no matter if they are used to with computer science. In general, with the involvement of the admins into the development program, there will be more of source driven development instead of the version control. Besides, in order to get the most out of the Salesforce DX platform, the teams will require bringing some declarative changes including the changes made by the admins along with the code changes. Such an amalgamation of version control with source control will bestow the best benefits of the Salesforce DX platform.


Decked with a wide array of features, Salesforce DX is geared up to make development easy comprising of the efforts of both admins and developers. Prepare to make the most out of it and ensure a great teamwork while developing a utility.
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