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As we grow in the 21st century, we realize what an advanced world we live in. Everything has developed and has been developing at such a fast pace that it's sometimes difficult to a analyze how we end up using so many different technologies and advanced versions of the same product within just a few days of inception. As things are advancing and leading us to technological innovations, it is making things simpler and convenient for us. In the work sphere, we no longer need to worry about working for long hours on stubborn and outdated working desks or chairs, today most of the offices have extremely comfortable and ergonomically designed work tables and furniture for the comfort of their employees so that nobody's health is affected.

The best thing about such kind of a furniture is that we can simply mold it to suit us according to our working angles without it putting a pressure on our joints. Such durable furniture occupies a major selection criterion when organizations get their offices designed, it has become an integral part of their planning process. And as such, furniture companies today deal in several kinds of office chairs, tables, desks and other furniture which are made specifically for the employees and keeping their health in mind. Sourcing such comfortable furniture for offices is really not a hard task these days, with several furniture stores to look by, both online and offline, buying office furniture has become an easy task for most people.

Sit and Stand Desks:

With the sit stand desks available in the market, it's almost like all our prayers have been answered. We don't think working was ever so easy. The world just seems to be getting better as we say. Be your healthy self at work on - you no longer need to pressure on your muscles and your delicate joints. With the sit and standing table becoming a huge rage in most offices these days, simply sit, stand, lean and stretch while you work being easy on yourself all the time. You can load up your desktop with just about anything—multiple monitors, keyboard, laptop, file folders, water bottles and so on as the desk comes with an industry-leading lifting capacity of 160 kg. By helping you to increase your productivity to a great deal, this height adjustable table will give you a better workday almost every day.

Being the single most effective means of achieving flexibility, maximizing comfort and increasing productivity in any office environment, height adjustable desks are the foundation for any ergonomically equipped workspace. 

Specifications of our sit and stand desks:

To enable you to enjoy a good posture and regular movement, so you look and feel better all day, a properly adjusted sit-stand desk is a must. Our sit stand desk with its programmable button interface lets you create up to 3 custom presets to easily transition between your ideal sitting and standing positions.


  •    A desirable thickness of 25mm
  •    1200-1500mm length X 750mm width

Desk Frame

  •    Warranty of 5 years on all frame, mechanical, and electrical components
  •    Max. speed: 38 mm/s unloaded
  •    3 Programmable Memory Presets (with desk height LED display)
  •    Easily adjustable height from 68 cm to 117 cm
  •    Adjustment speed of 1.3" per second with soft start/stop
  •    Adjustable foot leveling studs for uneven flooring
  •    Low noise level
  •    160 Kg lifting capacity
  •    Auto-dark LED display
  •    White is Standard frame color

Benefits of the height adjustable desk:

Feel Better:-

Did you know? According to a study conducted recently, standing just three hours a day is the equivalent of running 10 marathons per year, and shedding 8 lbs of fat. Thats 30,000+ calories over the course of a year, so in that working in a standing position would definitely do you good.

Less Pain:-

When sitting vs. standing, up to 90% more pressure is applied on your lower back. So just by periodically standing throughout your day, you are able to reduce lower back pain drastically over the course of time.

Work Smarter:-

With higher energy levels, improved concentration, and fewer headaches, standing yields up to 10% more productivity. As such, allowing you to work at a higher function all day long, a standing desk tangibly adds to the quality of your work.

Why us?

With the flexibility to mix and match features to build the perfect work center for virtually any application or budget, our product offering features the widest selection of design options in the industry.

The sit stand desk is your solution to the sedentary. Introduce flexibility of movement into any workspace to increase your productivity and enhance the way you work, move and feel. Buy the height adjustable table from us and see the difference for yourself. 
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