Benefits of Having a Whole-House Water Filter at Home

The importance of filtering water before use cannot be gainsaid. If you live in an area where most of the water is contaminated with harmful chemicals, it is important that you invest in a water filter to protect yourself and your family from any health problems that may come about as a result of drinking or using contaminated water. However, there are some areas where the water is safe for consumption, and it might therefore not be necessary to filter your water. Find out about the source of your water and whether there are any contaminants present in it. You can do this by requesting for a report from your water supplier or having your water tested if you have a private pond or well. There are two main types of water filters; whole-house or point-of-entry water filters, and point-of-use water filters.

A whole-house water filter filters water at the point of entry into your house. This means that all the water in your house will be safe for consumption. A point-of-use water filter only filters water at the point of use. So you can install it under the kitchen sink or any other part of your house where you want to have clean filtered water. Check out to see the types of water filters that are available. This article focuses on the benefits of a whole-house water filter.

       1.   Clean water in the whole house:-

The first obvious benefit of having a whole-house water filter is the fact that you will have clean filtered water in all the taps in the house. This is unlike a point-of-use water filter that only filters water at the point of use. This would mean that if you wanted drinking water, you would only be able to get it from the sinks that have the filter. However, with a whole-house water filter, you can get clean drinking water from any tap in the house. Moreover, it is not only your drinking water that will be clean; all the water that you use in your house will be clean, whether it is used for showering or cleaning.

        2.    Improved quality of water in the house:

The quality of water in your house will be greatly improved as it will be free of all chemical contaminants. The taste of your drinking water will be improved, and the water will not have any odor. The water will also be soft and will therefore lather easily and not clog your pipes or stain your clothes.

        3.   Improved health:-

Chlorine is a common water contaminant as it is used to treat water in water treatment plants. When you drink water that contains high levels of chlorine, or shower with such water, it can affect your health. Chlorine can cause problems in the lungs and skin. With a whole-house water filter, you will never have to worry about inhaling chlorine while showering, or chlorine entering your body through your skin.

        4.   Your appliances will last longer:-

Various water contaminants can stain your appliances and even cause them to malfunction because of too much scale buildup. With clean filtered water in the whole house, your appliances will serve you for longer.
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