Whether To Buy Or Not The Electric Lift Chairs?

The electric lift char is very alike to the regular recliner chairs. This is because both of these chairs are serving the purpose of reclining the position of the body. Both types of chairs are also used for extending the position of feet with the help of footrest.

Difference between Regular Recliner and Electric Lift Chair:-

The main difference in between the regular recliner and electric lift chair for the elderly is that the regular recliner is having manual operation while the lift chair is being controlled through the push of button. The electric lift chair is lifting the seated position of a person to the vertical position so as the person may get out of the chair with an ease.

The Pros of Electric Lift Chairs:-

  • ·  The electric lift chair is best solution for the elderly person who is having trouble from getting up from the chairs or sitting position.
  • ·  The electric lift chairs for the elderly is the best solution for struggled people to stand or sit.
  • ·  The electric lift chair is often recommended by physiotherapists for elderly people.
  • ·  The electric lift chairs are comfortable.
  • ·  The electric lift chairs are well effective for transferring people within a short distance such as home.

The Cons of Electric Lift Chairs:-

  • ·   The electric lift chairs are too expensive sometimes.
  • ·   The electric lift chairs are recommended only for those who are well aware of the safety and cognition.
  • ·   If the elderly person are getting used to having leisure of the electric lift chairs, their muscles get weak because of no physical activities. Therefore, the users are recommended to keep on having regular physical activities such as brisk walk, exercise, or even slow walk and physical movements.

Decide Whether Lift Chair is Right for you?

Now that you are aware of what the electric lift chairs are and what are its pros and cons, then now you can decide yourself whether to buy or not these chairs? It is recommended to first discuss with your physician and then with the support and suggestion of physician you must buy one. This is because when you would buy the electric lift chair if it is not recommended by your physician, then you may have the leisure but you will not be able to have regular physical exercise and you may lead to muscle strain or laziness.


To be assure of the electric lift chair to be best fit for your or not, you must realize few of the factors. For instance, whether the electric lift chair that you are buying is supporting your physique or not. Whether the electric lift chair will give you enough comfort and would help you to relieve your pain? Will the chair help you to rise from seated position quickly and easily? Whether or not the electric lift chair would assist you to have the feet position to a comfort level? Last but not the least, you must verify whether the chair is in your budget or not?
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