Top Tips for Selecting Men’s Wedding Bands That Suit the Wearer’s Personality

The truly successful weddings are those where these individuals do not give up being what they are but join together to be a stronger couple. Thus, in the matter of selecting wedding bands to represent that spirit of unity, it may be a good move to choose rings that are similar but not identical to enable their individual personalities to express themselves. Some top tips:

Rings That Are Alike yet Different:-

If you are one of those incredibly perfect couples that seem to agree on virtually everything in life, including the wedding bands, yet want them to be unique, it may be worthwhile to have the wedding rings made in the same style but with completely different colors of the metal, for example, if you decide to go ahead with gold, the groom can have his band made out of yellow metal while the bride has it in rose gold. By adopting this strategy, you get to keep a similar look to symbolize your unity yet be different enough to reveal your distinct personality. The great thing is that there are a lot of metals of different colors so you are sure to be able to find one that suits each of you.

Rings That Appear Similar:-

If both of you want wedding rings that are alike, the best thing for you to do is to look at collections of wedding bands. The different collections have a common design element that serves to tie them all together. Therefore, when you select rings from any specific collection, you can be assured that the wedding rings will automatically be matched. You will have achieved your objective of finding wedding bands that deliver a unified appearance yet permit your own personality to express itself. Picking wedding rings from a collection is also advisable because it can make the otherwise very difficult task of matching two rings together on your own, far easier. Ring collections make shopping for wedding bands really simple and convenient. Look out for some really exciting ring collections at mens wedding bands.

Rings That Have a Common Theme:-

If you are looking out for wedding bands that match but are more eclectic, you could do well to select a theme first and then choose the actual looks. For example, you could select a classic style, or even a vintage or a contemporary wedding band style and make that a unifying feature when you are out to shop for your wedding rings. Whichever wedding ring theme you choose, one thing you can be confident about is that you will be able to select one that will please both your sensibilities with the craftsmanship.

Family Rings:-

We touched briefly on family crests above, under “affiliation rings,” but most men who wear a family ring attach a little more importance to it than that. Family rings do not necessarily have to be a single shield, coat of arms, or similar emblem on a solid ring, though many are.

Rather, the purpose of a family ring is simply to remind the wearer of something special and unique to his family and its history. It might be a ring of any style that a beloved ancestor wore (rings acquired overseas by soldiers often come down through the family this way), or it might be made from a certain metal or in a certain shape that has personal significance.

It’s not really important if the reasoning behind the family ring is obvious to outsiders, although it can help. Outside the remaining royalty and nobility of Europe, no one’s likely to recognize another family’s coat of arms at a glance.

The only thing a family ring needs to do is give you a connection with your family. If you feel it does that to your satisfaction, go ahead and wear it — and be prepared to explain it, if necessary, especially in the case of unusual rings. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a cheap trinket your grandfather picked up while he was stationed overseas during WWII, even if it doesn’t look like a man’s ring usually would. But you are probably going to have to justify it from time to time, especially when you’re dressed up nicely.

Art and Design Rings:-

These are the least common type of rings seen on men, and often the most effective choice for a man who wants a unique accessory. It takes a certain degree of boldness to wear a ring without an “excuse.”

And because the selection is vastly more limited for men than it is for women, it can take a while to find something that suits your personal style, falls within your price range, and is well-made and from a reputable source. If you can get past all that, however, you’ve got much more freedom of choice with a purely style-oriented ring than you do with something that has to send a specific cultural message. An art/design ring can look like anything and say anything you want. That lets you pick and choose items that work perfectly with your wardrobe, or even with a single specific outfit that you have in mind.

Guys who are just starting to toy with the idea of wearing a ring would probably do well to start with something that’s relatively simple — a thick metal band with circular etching or inlay, for example, without specific jewels or ornamentations or exotic shapes.


Apart from trying any or all the above methods of picking matching wedding rings, you can also try customization of the wedding bands. This is by far one of the easiest ways to achieve the desired looks. You can customize the rings by adding a particular type of stone to your rings, going in for gemstones instead of diamonds, or adding special engraving to rings that are otherwise plain.
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