Little Technology: More Daily Comforts

To live a comfortable life and in order to get some extra relief from certain health conditions, technology has certainly been our best friend. Bed warmers can make your nights comfortable and cozy whether you have cold feet because of circulation problems or some other medical condition, or are just trying to be cost conscious by keeping your thermostat at a lower temperature, they work the best for just about anything.

Rising from under the bed sheets to give you cozy warmth right where you need it, our Thermosphere bed warmers provide you with a warm gentle heat for that extra warmness when you most need it.

Bed warmers: Their function:-

A Bed warmer is placed on the mattress so you sleep on it.  They are more efficient and durable than electric blankets. Bed warmers are nice for preheating bed in a cold room, they are therefore best to be used in extreme cold weather conditions or when you are cold or sick. Helping to save on heating bills by lowering house thermostat at night they also drive dampness out of bedding.

Shantisales: Reusable cold hot gel packs:-

A reusable hot and cold gel pack can be the perfect way to relax & rejuvenate because our skin is sensitive to too much heat, dust, stress & many other environmental factors. Unable to give you proper hot cold pack treatments, many, if not all gel pack designs are filled with a viscous composition that moves and pushes away under pressure.

Never pushing away under pressure, our innovative hot/cold formulation stays in place. Whether warm or cold each ice pack feels like a soft pad against your injury and provides extra comfort. We at Shantisales offer reusable hot and cold gel packs which are so thick you can cut them in half with a knife!

This pad can be kept in the refrigerator (for cold therapy) or into the warm water (for hot therapy) in order to use for the specific conditions.


  • Ø  Control fever
  • Ø  Relaxes eye strain and headache
  • Ø  Tooth pain
  • Ø  Effective on sprains
  • Ø  A soothing effects on bruises and bumps
  • Ø  In sports injury


  • Ø  Are available in a lot of varieties
  • Ø  Customized according to the choice of the clients
  • Ø  Affordable price


  • Ø  Helps sprains, strains, cramps, swelling, sports injuries, work injuries, muscle aches and toothaches
  • Ø  High Value for Money
  • Ø  Includes protective cloth cover
  • Ø  Safe for Kids under adult supervision


  • Ø  Gel Pack must be at room temperature before heating in a microwave. The pack should never be overheated.
  • Ø  Consult a doctor if you have a nerve damage.
  • Ø  Use only with the cloth cover.
  • Ø  If the pack is punctured, discard it and get a new one
  • Ø  Do not swallow the gel
  • Ø  Do not use the gel on any part of the body for any purpose

Live life pain-free and in the best of health. Sleep more soundly and wake rested and rejuvenated in the morning. Get hold of the above products today, only at Shantisales!
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