Creating A Tutoring App Like Uber, A Successful Start-Up Ventures

There are several positive factors for creating a tutoring app like uber in a start-up business. Tutor apps offer an excellent platform between the talented individuals and students across the regions. Online Tutor platform brings in together the expat tutors in their respective fields. If mentoring is a passion for an individual but can dedicate only a few hours in a day then joining in any online tutor app provides them with a lifetime opportunity to stick to their passion and spread the knowledge across the world.

Even a person from India can learn piano classes from Hoffman Academy situated in the US, which otherwise is not possible. Students can patch up to their favorite coaches and get an interactive and productive session.

Some Online tutoring app provides tutoring options to students in person, and some tutoring apps offer services online. Here are a few ideas for any start-up company to create a tutoring app like Uber.

        ·       Live tutoring Audio/ video feature:-

Create a tutoring app which teaches online with live video chat. It is helpful if the student and the tutor stay in the same time zone and if they are comfortable, they can fix a schedule and start the sessions. This audio/video feature will provide a virtual classroom experience yet one-one interaction.

       ·       Enable Play Back Mode:-

In the Online tutoring app, they should have a method available to the student to record the live mentoring session with his tutor for a future reference. Once the online teaching session is over, this playback mode feature helps the students to replay and pause the module and learn and review the concepts again.

       ·       Store the material in a cloud or google drive:-

A tutor should be able to store the reference material, and other research papers related to the subject in the common cloud storage or google drive, which should be accessible by both the parties. This will be very useful for music tutors as well, where they can add a music lesson to this storage space. The student also can share his work of creative music link in the shared drive. 

       ·       Enable Screen Sharing:-

The tutoring app should allow the student and the tutor to share their computer screens so that it may be easy for the tutor to look into the student’s screen of where he went wrong in any steps while executing any Linux or any programming language. Alternatively, any subject in general.

       ·       Assessments after each module:-

In online tutoring apps like uber, having an assessment after each module will ensure tutor that the student has learned the concept clearly and after successfully scoring or completing a mini project the student will be all geared up for next module. According to the tutor decision, the assessments can be in any format and also can be at outside the tutor app platform.

E.g., if the student is studying about python programming language, the tutor can ask the student to create a python program to build an own calculator. As python is an open source programming language, the student can code it outside of the app and share the screen when it is completed to the tutor.

       ·        Incentives:-

Like unlocking new features in any games, a small incentive given to the student can motivate him to work even harder. Tutor apps could provide a reward like earn new subject online if he completed the session with the tutor with a successful rate.

       ·       A wide range of categories:-

Facilitate the students by providing a full range of categories. Keep updating the category list and also remove the least used subject from the menu. Thus, the versatile list makes the students stay in the app for following relevant topics. Also, it is a good practice to research what type of subjects are the most famous zone wise. Providing the category list zone wise/region wise will give easy navigation to browse through the topics.

       ·       Enable Push Notifications:-

Students get greatly benefited if they got an alert in their mobile app for any upcoming tutor class or any pending module assessment. In a student’s busy life, they may forget about the tutor app schedules, so it is a better idea for the tutor app providers to include this notification alerts.
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