Best Way to Stay in Pune

Travelling alone? Travelling with your friends? Are you on a business trip? Are you just tired of not having the right place to stay at? You need not worry anymore because I will give you the advice you’ve been waiting to hear.

Pick up your phone and look for the distance of the Pune airport and the Pune railway station from Ginger Pune. It’ll take you 20 minutes to complete this travel provided your Uber/Ola is booked and ready to go. Close by isn’t it? Not just this. If you’re looking for cheap hotels in Pune near the railway station, then Ginger will automatically pick up. With outstanding facilities, delicious food and comfortable rooms, Ginger Pune is sure to fit in your category of the ideal stay no matter what the purpose of travel is.

It is located centrally and is hence close to every market, mall or transportation facility you might need. With a name like TATA associated with it, it is hard for it to disappoint. I booked a room for two nights and had a few friends over to my room and faced no problem at all. There were no complaints, disturbances or any of that.

They understood my preferences by the second day and cooked my meal according to that. This felt like I was home. It was like I never left. And to add to all this when I came back here for the second time for a business conference, my meeting requirements were taken care of along with the perfect meal to end it.

The cherry on the top is that this is one of the hotels in Pune near the airport. Hence, no matter what the occasion, Ginger Pune is the place for a vacation!

Everybody knows this little place in Maharashtra as the new real estate and manufacturing hub of India but not a lot of people are aware of the fact that it actually is so much more than that. The boost in Wakad can be attributed to the coming up of the Infotech and Biotechnology park at Hinjewadi close to the Pune-Mumbai Expressway. 

There are a lot of things one can actually do at Wakad, Pune. It appeals to the millennials now because they have started having youth-centric activities in and around Wakad. With Laser Tag, classy PGs, boating, and age-old temples to retain the authenticity of the town, Wakad is indeed taking over Maharashtra as not just a manufacturing capital anymore but also as ‘the place to be’. It may not sound as interesting as a Mumbai or a Bangalore, but Wakad is an escape from the hustle bustle of the busy cosmopolitan life. Now that it has also started attracting huge companies, the infrastructure has also picked up.

To keep up with the growth and the building market, a lot of hotels have come up. My personal favorite would be one of the hotels in Pune near the railway station. Ginger Wakad Pune is not just budget-friendly but also very close to the major transportation system in Wakad (the trains). They have amazing facilities, great rooms, caring staff and mind-blowing deals. If you’re looking for just a normal escape, this is the place and if you’re looking for a business retreat, this is definitely the place. Ginger Wakad also compensates for the shortcoming in Wakad of restaurants. With delicious food and great service, I would easily title it as one of the best hotels in Wakad Pune.  

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