5 Ways to Choose a Perfect Dedicated Server

The market out there is abundant of dedicated servers being offered with various custom configurations and specifications per the user or business needs. But, with so many choices, picking up the right option has never been more challenging and concerning hosting solutions, mistakes are unacceptable. This is because switching from a provider or a solution to yet another is a real drag, waste of time, resource and money which is more crucial for ecommerce businesses and other well-developed websites.

The details below would help you in selecting just the right dedicated server based on your corporate requisites and characteristics, thereby saving time as well as prevent unlikely embarrassment. Performance and redundancy should always be prioritised when you’re confused on choosing a particular solution and this depends on few significant aspects. Read on to know more.

1. Bandwidth:-

The volume of data being transferred per unit time is referred to as “bandwidth” such as internet connectivity speed. As a general rule of thumb, it’s denoted in bits per second where a 100 MBPS reflects capability of a server to transfer the data at a rate of 100 megabytes per second. And when powerful and advanced dedicated servers are concerned, the bandwidth numbers per average varies where solutions offer network speed of approximately two-terabytes capacity and even higher.

2. Network uptime:-

A website’s stability and accessibility is represented through a parameter commonly known as network. Now, take for instance a server’s uptime is approximately 98% meaning that it would remain inaccessible for a few minutes every month which mightn’t sound too bad but, it all depends overall effect on the project. Remember the case of Amazon’s inaccessibility for a few minutes which made the business lost several million dollars.

Renowned ecommerce gateways and online businesses simply couldn’t afford being offline even for a few seconds that may hurt a huge customer base and compromise conversions significantly. Maximum network uptime is therefore a must for every respectable website and service provider. That being said, don’t ever settle for anything lower than 99% uptime whereas an ideal dedicated server gives 99.9% uptime.

3. Operating system:-

Operating system (OS) is the always prioritised when users choose dedicated servers and it comes with two primary options namely Windows and Linux operating systems. Of the two, maintenance and support of Linux is far better since it’s an open source platform. For those who require a truly versatile dedicated server offering support to a wide variety of software should aim for Ubuntu Linux or CentOS operating systems.

But when it comes to working of a particular applications, these are supported and performs better only on Windows operating system. In fact, if your work would be on ASP.NET, ASP only, there isn’t any other choice but Windows.

4. Technical support:-

A 24/7, efficient and active technical support is a must-have and inevitable part of relevant services. Whether choosing between managed or unmanaged dedicated server, customer support should always be there to offer technical assistance and effective solutions to client/customer queries. With primary staff, assistants should also be available 24/7 all year round since technical issues can come abound unexpectedly.

Multiple communication channels must be accessible such as email, call-backs, ticket/token generation and live chats. Do ask the types of services being offered as you’re likely to need server reboot, 24/7 real-time monitoring, regular backups, superfast and powerful cooling with maintenance.

5. Customized & simple to use:-

The capability of handling large volume of traffic makes dedicated servers a perfect option for extensive corporate setups because they come with customisable features per the nature of operations. Ensure that your dedicated server provider caters to all the latest configurations and upgrading of the hardware components. An upgradeable package can be easily availed that would allow you to increase the RAM size for better performance thereby saving cost against endless switching from a server to another.


The steps above would surely help you to seed out dedicated server solutions and suitable options to satisfy your project’s requirements.

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