Why Most Companies Use SEO for Marketing in Brisbane

Do you really need to use SEO? Wait, have you ever heard of it in the first place? For those who do online marketing or even if you are running some online business then you probably know what SEO is.

Well, SEO is a powerful marketing tool and most new businesses are quickly adopting to it to improve their businesses. Have you ever found yourself managing a business but you seem not to be getting any traffic on your website?

Well, this is where you should start to look for a good SEO team and hire them to boost your business. With that being said, if you are still wondering how SEO can help set up your business for success, grab your coffee and go through this article.

By the time you are done, you will wish that you knew about it before. The following are some of the benefits your business will enjoy if you decide to go the SEO way. You can also learn more about SEO marketing here https://kickmedia.com.au/seo-brisbane/

       1.      It improves the user experience:-

Of course there are a lot of ways in which you can better your business website and maximize the user experience.

This can be done simply by providing your targeted audience with information that are relevant to them and other related videos or photos that supports the text. You should also make sure that your web pages are easy to navigate and that the site itself is mobile friendly.

With all of these in place, you will greatly improve on the user experience. This can result in your site getting more leads, more clicks, high conversion rates and a better brand recall.

This is usually what these search engine sites are mostly looking for hence improving your ranking too.

       2.      Primary source of lead:-

Well, you are most probably wondering what could be the primary source of lead among business to customer (B2C), non-profit and business to business organizations (B2B) is?

Well, these will be inbound strategies. Inbound often includes content marketing, social media, referrals SEO and others.

If your SEO strategies doesn’t give you any leads, all you have to do is check your activities.

       3.      High close rates:-

With SEO leads, you can always achieve an average close rate of about 14.6% compared to the close leads which will only get you 1.7% from the outbound leads.

This is according to some published research by the search engine journal. Trying to reach out to your potential customers will mostly bring you lower conversion rates. These are the cold or the outbound leads.

On the other hand, with SEO leads, the targeted customers are usually the ones who will be looking to find your products or services. This of course will lead to a higher conversion rate.

       4.      Higher conversion rates:-

If you have your site well placed or ranked on any of the search engines then you can be sure of getting high conversion rates. You will always be sure of reaching your targeted customers but only if you continue to keep your top position.

This way, your targeted audience will always be aware of your business. As these customers will be looking to find you, their knowledge on the type of services you offer or just your products will also be increasing.

With this, there is always a higher possibility that customers will be able to close a deal with you.

       5.      Improves the cost management:-

Inbound leads are said to have the capability to lower the lead generation cost by around 61% compared to the outbound leads. This is still according to the search engine journal. Using SEO means lowering your advertising costs.

If your site has already been ranked at the top, there is really no need to advertise it or go for pay per click. Your site will always continue to remain at the top when search results come out but only if the internet users continue to click on your site’s search links.

Additionally, the activities involved in generating inbound leads includes management of the social media, referrals, search engine optimization, blogging and many others. These usually have very little or sometimes no cost whatsoever.

On the other hand, activities involved in generating outbound leads includes direct selling and visiting clients among others. This is how using SEO can practically improve the management costs of your business.

       6.      Encourages the customers to visit your business after searching:-

Customers usually have a tendency of visiting a shop or a store after conducting some research on your business and the type of products or services that you provide.

For instance if you are on a trip and all of a sudden you start to feel hungry. Of course you have an option of asking around where you can get some good food but then again you know how it is difficult to trust people these days, especially those you’ve just met.

However, you can just search on your phone and get a list of local hotels or restaurants where you can later pick one according to what you were looking for and decide to give it a visit. This is how you became a customer.

You will be able to manage your hunger and at the same time promoting the restaurant. This is the power of SEO.

       7.      Helps in building brand credibility:-

If you manage to get your site ranked at the top, the people who will be searching for you will develop an idea that you are among the best in the game. It also shows how popular you are and a lot of people have researched about your business too.

Well, contrary to this, if your page is ranked at the bottom, people will also have an idea that maybe you are not that known yet or that your business is just starting.

If this continues to happen, with no change in your page’s ranking, your targeted customers will also start to think that you don’t have enough budget to help boost your site and improve your search results.

We all know what happens when your customers start to think negatively about your business, right?

       8.      It helps in establishing brand awareness:-

This is simply how a targeted market recognizes a particular brand. It refers to how your customers are familiar with the products you are dealing with or the services

Incorporating SEO in your marketing strategies will ensure that your product is found easily by the search engines through organic and regular search.

Once you manage to find your way to the top when it comes to your page’s ranking, users will most probably be able to see more of you hence your link getting clicked more frequently.

This is what will lead more users to the site and this is how SEO helps in creating brand awareness and has the ability to take it even further.

       9.      It ensures your website is mobile friendly:-

SEO also improves the user experience. This is because Google search recently included a new parameter to aid your page’s ranking and this is how friendly your website is to the mobile devices.

How responsive your site is on mobile devices will always have a great impact when it comes to the rankings of the sites on Google search. With this in mind, the navigation of the pages will greatly improve and the user experience in general.

Google can also help you get started on how you can easily make your site to become mobile friendly if you decide to make this change.

       10.  Long term marketing technique:-

You remember how long it took you to be where you are now when it comes to the rankings? Well, it might take even much time to pull you down from the top.

This is to show how SEO can be used as a marketing strategy for a long period of time. Usually, it will take about six months for a site to maintain an optimal ranking.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t go down in rankings but it will be quite difficult. Unless there are some changes on Google algorithm or your competitors just stepped up their SEO marketing strategies.

        11.  SEO can help you to gain the market share:-

Just by your website being on top of the list on the search engines, it means that a lot of internet users have found it on more occasions when doing their searches.

These user are now being considered as leads, your leads. After finding what they were looking for from your site, these leads might turn to be your customers.

The customers might either sign up to get a membership deal, subscribe to get news letters or even make a direct purchase. Either way, this will still increase the conversion rate of your site. If this continues to happen, you will also be gaining the market share even further.


Well, your brand opportunity when it comes to brand equity and awareness is always limitless. You can now achieve your organizational goals without much hustle thanks to this digital edge which has given us a variety of options to choose from and make sure this happens.

SEO is one of the many opportunities you can use and from the benefits stated above, you can be able to see how powerful this tool is.

Choose SEO today and take your business to heights you never thought you could reach. You can also see more reasons why SEO is the best form of marketing here.
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