Want to be a Better and More Productive Version Of Yourself, Here is How Journaling Can Help

More often than not, rampant thoughts tend to distract us from work. Most times ideas pop in and out of our minds before we even get a chance to capture them. And sometimes we feel that our sense of clarity has one missing and you need to get it back.

This especially happens if you are a busy person. The busiest people find it difficult to manage and process the thoughts that come in their mind. The try to focus on their o-do list, pay attention to the conversation they had earlier in the day and the ideas that keep flowing in and out of their minds.

Writing journal in this case is a solution. You may wonder what you are supposed to write in it every day but with time you will realize that it is actually easy to achieve. Journaling will help your mental clarity to improve and make you more productive. After you get used to it, you will realize that you will look forward to writing in it every day. 

Why Should Journaling Matter?

A journal will help you turn off everything in your brain and focus on what is important at the moment. It will also be a safe space for you to share your thoughts, your concerns, your questions, and your ideas without any interruption.

It will also help you create new awareness when you are trying to capture your thoughts. This is because it will provide you with the space you need to get the issues in your head and on to paper. When writing down you may find yourself having a-ha moments.

Writing in a journal will engage a form of mindfulness in you. Mindfulness allows you to become more grounded and allow you to get more stuff done and also make you feel better throughout the day.

It also diminishes chaos and establishes order in your life. You will be able to reveal your innermost fears, feelings, and thoughts. The time you spend writing in your journal will also be more of a relaxing time.it will prove to be useful for your mind and body.

Negative thoughts are a lot more like bacteria and if you fail to get rid of them, they will grow. When you write about the negative thoughts flooding your mind, you will shine a light on the situation and be able to let the negative thoughts freeze.

A journal will also help you prioritize things in your life with level of importance. You will be able to know what you want and make it a priority by planning. The journal will also give you a platform to capture your wins.

How to Start Writing a Journal:-

       1.      Understand why you want to start journaling:-

You need to have a clear perspective of what you want to gain from writing a journal. This will give a clear picture and intention which will help you maintain your productivity on a daily basis.

For instance, if you just joined the WV Recovery Village and you would like to keep track of your progress then knowing that will help you stick it out. You have to make sure that the objective or purpose resonates with something you are currently doing. You can use it to map out your next big idea or as a form of self-care. What we feel drive our actions and so journaling will allow you to attain what you are seeking.

 2. Pick your preferred Journaling option:-

Whether paper or electronic journal, both are right modes of journaling. You need to choose the mode of journaling that is easy and most comfortable for you to use. You can use a fancy notebook and a pen for your journaling escapade.

You can also use both electronic or paper journal. The idea is to start out small and simple. You can even use a paper from a loose leaf notebook. Use whatever works for you.

       3.      Choose a writing space:-

You need a writing space. It could be when you are propped up on pillows, at the kitchen table, or a comfy chair in your living room. You need to make sure the writing space is comfortable and a place where you will not be interrupted.

 4. Chose a time of day to journal:-

You need to choose a time of day that works for you. It could be in the morning before you begin your day or just before you go to bed at night. It should take less than 10 minutes to write in your journal which means you can easily set up time to do so.

You can try different times of the day until you find a time frame that works best for you. You will eventually realize which time works best for you without any distractions from other events.  

 5. Start Now:-

Journaling seems like a great idea but some people can just hold on to it and not actually actualize the idea. You need to start and not worry about what you are going to write. Jus open your journal and begin.

Even if your first sentence is “I have no idea what I should write” you will find yourself going from there. Write whatever comes in your mind and with time you will see that journaling won’t be so much of a task.


Writing in a journal becomes more of a habit for those who realize how much journaling helps them. If you are looking to be stressful and remain sane while trying to achieve that, you need to adopt journaling into your daily schedule.

All you have to do is keep journaling simple, and find a consistent time that works for you best. You need to leave any form of perfectionism at the door because journaling is all about letting yourself go inside the pages of your journal. Use your journal however you want because there is really no right or wrong way to do it.
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