How to know if your web developer is the right choice for your Project

Website is the mirror of your business, it sets your identity in the digital world and reflect your mission, vision. Without a website you cannot stand strong in the competition even you’ll have problems in growing your image and presence.

Website developer is the most important decision you make. He is hired to craft the online face of your business and develop functionalities that ease the user part on the website. And you cannot compensate on your website because your business depends on it.

So, it’s equally important you hire the right choice or else the wrong choice can harm your website, cut down the results and affect your business prestige.

Here are the five tips that can help you in the selection process and also let you identify the suitable candidate for your project.

01: Key elements instead of Work Experience: 

Technical skills can be learned later if the candidate has the determination, dedication and optimism in his DNA. These elements are the predictor of success and decide how long the candidate will stay for the job.

For example, a talented developer may not be a good choice for a startup because startup companies require versatility, risk-taking attitude, adaptability and the positivity to overcome challenges but it might be less important for big companies.

So, your first step should be to write what kind of online web developers do you want and what are your requirements. Interview candidates and check if they are matching three out of six requirements of yours.

Hiring for the key elements can also help you define the company culture to the candidates coming so they can be doubtless about their job roles. You need to read between the lines because some are experts in faking in an interview. Just be smart before you take the decision.

02: Put on Trial: 

If your web project is huge, you need the evaluation on large scale too. Once you finalize the candidate in an interview you need to head towards next step that is an evaluation. 

Give a short-term achievable project to the web developer and monitor his steps carefully. The approach he is taking, the resources he is using, the strategies and what are the technical aspects he is adopting in assigned web development project.

Make this trial paid, and also observe his creativity, communication skills, and ability to work in a professional environment. It will ease your hiring decision.

03: Prefer Adaptability rather than a particular skill set: 

Web design and development is a vast industry where new trends and innovations keep evolving. If you hire web developers for a particular skill set he might not stay for long because of his limited knowledge and expertise.

It’s better to hire a developer who can adopt new technologies and have a diversifying skillset so if during the project there comes something new he should readily adopt that change.

To know either the candidate is the right fit for the job you can ask questions like these in an interview:
·         The latest programming languages you learn recently
·         What are the resources from where you learn new tips and guides
·         What are the new expertise you want to learn in your field

04: Avoid trivia questions about Programming: 

Asking the history of web programming languages is useless to ask. You should avoid questions like these:

·         Who is the founder of Java Programming Language
·         In what year was PHP released
·         What is the origin of the Python scripting language's name?

While this kind of questions may be useless, it can single out the smart candidates from the list. The recommendation is that don’t ask questions that can be easily memorized rather ask open-ended questions and monitor how a professional web developers are answering your questions. You can draw many conclusions from their answers.

Some examples are:

·         How do you manage conflicts in a web application
·         What is your approach to initiate the project
·         Can you differentiate between object-oriented and component-based design

05: Have a bird’s eye view on developer portfolio:

Last but the most important point is the developer’s portfolio. If you are planning to hire web developers and you don’t want to make a single mistake you need to keep a bird’s eye view of everything around. If you see the collection of the work you’ll get an idea of the skillsets your developer is good at. You’ll get to know his experience and past projects. It will help you to analyze his performance and skills.


Your business relies on your website and your website relies on your best web developer. So, a developer can boost or tarnish your website depending on his skills and experience.

A short interview isn’t enough to decide either the developer will meet your expectation or not so following the above steps will help you hire the appropriate developer for your vacant position.

A thorough check before hiring can save you from falling. Act Wisely!

If you hire web developers what are the skillsets you immediately look?

Let us know in the comments.
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