Body Care Tips With Organic Ingredients

Natural skincare remedies should be an integral part of anybody’s skincare routine, it is as essential to feed you skin, as it is to feed the body. Using simple kitchen ingredients regularly can make a huge difference in skin tone, appearance and complexion. At the same time it is important to ensure what you are using is unadulterated, organic and free of additives of synthetic origin. Any fruit, vegetable, nut or seed that nourishes the body will nourish the skin also. This is a basic rule. Some of them may be more potent than the other and that is where you can make your own choices. Raw unadulterated honey, milk, yoghurt, almonds, cashews, walnuts, fruits like strawberries, blueberries, figs, grapes, pomegranate, apples, banana, papaya are packed of vitamins, minerals and probiotic enzymes that benefit the skin in the most natural way.

Fast paced lifestyle today leaves us with little time to make such efforts and we often have to rely on products that are easy to use and are mostly leave on or rinse off. While we can’t find time for home remedies every day, we can definitely make better choices in picking our skin and hair care products, by choosing natural body care products that are devoid of nasty chemicals, are natural and organic in their sourcing.

Here are some tips for organic skincare:-

Body buff with organic cane sugar:-

Sugar is an excellent natural scrubbing agent. Commercial white sugar is chock full of chemicals like sulfur and bleaching agents so avoid white sugar to make this recipe. Raw organic sugar mixed with coconut oil, beeswax and cacao butter makes for a simple and effective body buff that exfoliates the skin and leaves it soft and glowing.


Raw organic sugar 3 tablespoon
Beeswax ¼ tablespoon
Coconut oil 4 tablespoon
Cocoa butter 1 teaspoon.

Melt the beeswax, cocoa butter and coconut oil on a double boiler. Remove from heat. As it starts to solidify from the edges, add sugar and give it a good stir.  You can store this in a clean jar in the refrigerator for up to one month. Ensure there is no contact with water, as it will spoil if water is introduced without any preservative. Use this as an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and dirt and debris from the skin.

Oil free moisturizer for body:-

Aloe Vera is an excellent humectant with amazing skin healing properties. It also moisturizes the deepest layers of the skin. You can make a simple moisturizer using Aloe Vera gel from the fresh leaf.

Pick a healthy leaf from the plant, and make a cut at the bottom of the leaf. Leave it in a jug of water for a couple of hours or overnight to let the yellow sap run out. This yellow sap is an irritant to the skin and should be removed before using the fresh gel.
Peel off the skin and grind the gel in a mixer.

To 5 tablespoon of fresh Aloe gel, add 5 tablespoon of organic rose water and half teaspoon glycerin. Blend well in a mixer. This organic oil free moisturizer can be used on face as well as body. This mix will last in refrigerator for about three days. After three days discard the left over as it will spoil without a preservative.

Organic lip scrub:-

Almonds are great for delicate skin, and make a gentle exfoliant for lips. Here is how you can make a nourishing organic scrub for your lips using almond and almond oil.  Ensure you use everything organic.

Almonds 2-3
Almond oil ½ teaspoon
Sugar ½ teaspoon
Essential oil of lavender 2 drops.

Coarsely grind almond kernels in a mortar and pestle until they resemble bread crumbs. Add almond oil, sugar and lavender essential oil. This scrub is gentle and effective enough to scrub the lips. It leaves them supple and nourished with vitamin rich almonds and healing lavender. As it is this can last up to four weeks in an air-tight container like a lip balm jar. If you like you can add your favorite crushed fruits to it, like strawberry, grapes, kiwi etc. but it cannot be stored after adding fresh fruit or anything that has moisture.

Try these organic body care remedies and see your skin glow when you start to adopt these tips regularly in your natural skincare routine.

Author bio:

Arti Gaur
is a yoga teacher, Ayurveda practitioner, formulator of organic skincare products and owns an organic skincare brand where you can buy body care products online in India.
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