5 Reasons Never to Install Your New Roof Over the Old One

You have decided to replace your old roof. But you are planning to save a few bucks and get the new roof installed over the existing current roofing. You may be surprised to know by how common this practice is amongst the people. And most of the contractors also don’t think of it as a problem either. This technique is commonly known as lay-over or go-over. But this is not the right practice.

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Here are 5 reasons listed explaining why this practice is a bad idea when re-roofing.

Areas That Had Or Have Leaks Can’t Always Be Addressed Properly:-

There is a possibility that your existing roof may have some leaks or damages that you may have missed. It is merely not possible to determine where the roof is suffering damage or bearing a leak without tearing it all apart and addressing each damage individually.

Any Rotted Wood Under The Existing Roofing Will Only Get Worse:-

Your old roof may be hiding some rotted wood areas beneath. These areas need to be replaced and fixed before the installation of the new roof. If your roofing contractor will lay-over the new roof over the old affected roof which needs fixing, it will worsen the situation. These areas should be mended before the laying over of the new roof. If it is the part of the shingles where the rotting has occurred, there is a much higher risk that the shingles will blow off in those areas.

Eaves, Rakes, And Valleys Need Special Treatment:-

The areas of your home that needs special attention when installing a new roof are eaves, rakes, and valleys. Due to a cold climate, Roofing Contractors in New York City NY pays special attention to it.

Due to their constant exposure and bearing with the mother nature, it is very important to check that these parts are fit and safe for the next journey or not.

Extra Roofing Weight Is No Good For Old Rafters:-

The re-installation of a new roof over an old one adds more weight to the existing roof. It may be a bigger problem in older homes than in new homes due to their difference in size and specifications.

Shorter Roof Life Expectancy:-

It’s an unnegotiable fact that the lay-over causes the significant decrease in the life of a new roof. As much as 25% of the life of the new roof is decreased with this practice. So basically, the money you are trying to save on the first place by doing a layover is not been saved as a matter of fact. And God forbid if your roof needs repair, and it is the lower older roof then both will be removed and it will cost you double.

Here are just a few of the reasons to tell you the real grounds about laying over your old roof with the new one. In the long term, it will cost you more and it is potentially not that safe too. You can also opt for professional services for Rubber Roofing in New York City NY.
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