5 Best Tips to Get Most Out of Existing Social Media Content

Every minute a new post comes up on various social media platforms. For every time you refresh your news feed you're most likely to see at least on news post be it a post from somebody or a paid advert and so on but it is very certain that something new must be seen. The question now becomes: how can one's post remain relevant in a pool of posts?

The answer to this question may not necessarily be posting something new because the saying "there's nothing new under the sun" very much applies to social media post. Rather one should focus one's energy and creativity on bringing back to lights one's evergreen post that had been posted earlier. Some post are so evergreen they although posted in the past apply to recent happenings and will look anew if given some like touches here and there. Some of those touches are listed below.

  • Make use of graphical images: images are very much eye catching than usual post little wonder twitter had to update and add the inline image feature as research has shown that post without pictures didn't fare well on social media as post with pictures. Pictures tend to draw people's attention plus individuals these days want to have fu doing anything hence would see a post without pictures as boring and would take out time to view posts with pictures even when the post doesn't relate to the picture and vice versa.

  • Content related pictures: in as much as its necessary to bring in the spice of pictures into old post to make them come alive again, it is also necessary that the pictures that accompany such posts are related to the post. A post would be short lived if the picture that is supposed to as life to it is sending one message and the post itself is sending another entirely different message.

  • Add presentations: one can make presentations on the initial post, put it in a slide, upload it to slide share and repost it again. By doing this, you're both increasing the lifecycle of the old post as well as the new presentation that was made alongside the initial post.

  • Give viewers options and sharing access: it is very important to grant viewers the access and options to save as well as repost your post. On social media it is not easy to reach across to people that aren't linked to you but by giving your viewers the opportunity to repost and save your post, you've giving them the power to propagate your post both online and offline.

  • Expanding to other social media platforms: incoporating other social media platforms like seo agency and magento ecommerce agency can help bring back life into an old post. Don't limit yourself to the social media platform you send your post to. Don't hesitate to take advantage of the trend, make Snapchat videos about the old post, share it to Instagram via Snapchat and share it to Facebook and twitter via Instagram and watch it it won't yeild substantial results.
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