20 Vastu Tips for the Well-Being of Your Family

The study of Vastu increases the value one could ever imagine and get peace and success. Behind each Vastu tip is a profound logical reason and subsequently, it turns out to be more conceivable to look after.

20 Best Vastu Tips for the Well-Being of Your Family:-

Vastu plays a critical role while decorating the interiors. It can make or break a family's happiness. Based on how you keep your interiors, positive and negative energies are produced, affecting the residents. In the present cramped urban situations, it isn't generally conceivable to improve the insides as per Vastu. In this manner, little changes can be made with the extras, hues and furniture of the house, to make it Vastu consistent," says Sandesh Dhanraj, originator and CEO of Noah insides.

Here are the top 20 vastu tips for you to bring joy and prosperity to your home and family.

1. Puja room is an unquestionable requirement in each house. North-east is the most prominent place to have your Puja ghar. In any case, the confusion between whether we should face North-east direction while doing Puja or the idols should be kept in that direction will always be there. Just a small help, face that direction while doing Pooja.

2.Doors are an integral part of the house. Always make sure that the door opens inside of the house and not vice-verse to bring the positive energy inside of the house.

3. In the evening, light a lamp near the water pot to bring good luck this year.

4. If you have painting of water or have any fountain in your house, make sure that they are placed in the North or east direction. This will bring, wealth, achievement and prosperity to you and your family. 

5. Keep a huge mirror in your living room on the north or north-east divider which pulls in riches and flourishing.

6. Almirahs and beds are ought to be set near the South-West direction and at a little separation from the North-East wall.

7. The north-east course of the house ought to be kept shut. Keep it more open and light. To store substantial things, south or south west is the perfect location.

8.Vastu for bathroom and toiletry are an exceptionally bantered zone of the house. The seat of the latrine should confront North-South and ought to be shut when not being used.

9. Place a red light or introduce a red light in south for popularity and achievement.

10.Pictures or photographs portraying viciousness in any frame ought not to be put in the living room or place of business. Brutality draws in cynicism and you unquestionably don't need that in your happy family. 

11. In the event that you have a beam running inside the house, take mind that the bed ought not to be put under the bar. This course of action is terrible for well being.

12. In the south-west Corner of the house one should rest pointing his head towards south.

13. Make sure that you face North-East or east bearing while drinking water. This will improve your well-being. 

14. There ought not to be five corners in a room wall. On the off chance that your room is built that way, then you can put bamboo woodwinds or little pyramids to control its negative impacts.

15. South-west course ought to have pictures of couple or family to enhance love, holding and connections.

16. Kids should look in the north while studying to increase concentrate and to get accomplishment in examination.

17.Make sure that you keep your cash inside a drawer facing North direction and also add a mirror inside the drawer to double your cash.

18. To live happily and to avoid arguments or disputes inside the family, put a wind chime with crystals on the window of your bedroom. It will build up relationship for a better cause.  

19. Study room Vastu and affects is also important for your child’s concentration. Make sure that the study room is in the Northeast, East or West direction and not in the North. Make your child study face East or North direction while studying.

20. Continuously make a point to keep the focal point of home a free territory for the free stream of energies. This is critical for energy in the house and for well-being and thriving.

These were our 20 Vastu tips for the well-being and prosperity for your family. We hope following these simple-tips will bring lots of success and happiness.
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