Why Small & Medium Businesses Embrace Linux Hosting

Linux is exceedingly convenient. It is loved for the ease of use, reliability & open source nature. Here are few other reasons that make Linux Hosting an extremely popular choice for most SMB's. Also check out the essential components that must be included before finalizing a Linux Hosting plan.

Linux hosting and Windows hosting are two types of hosting solutions which are offered by most web hosting providers. Currently, Linux has become one of the most admired hosting services preferred by businesses. It won’t be hype to say that till date there are numerous websites hosted on the Linux platform owing to its affordable pricing and flexibility. Further, the compatibility of Linux with PHP, MySQL and supporting scripts such as WordPress, Zen Cart, and phpBB makes it a win-win hosting solution for all.

However, for business that run Windows may think that it won’t be possible to go with Linux Hosting. But this is not true. Always remember that your choice of hosting environment has nothing to do with the OS used in your PC’s. This is because your web hosting server runs remotely where all the website files will be stored.

Why Linux Based Servers?

Pricing is one big factor that makes Linux the most preferable choice. Generally speaking, Linux hosting is much cheaper than windows. Both the hosting services offer the same level of proficiency, but what makes Linux affordable is the free open source system.

Further, Linux offers excellent security. Any impregnability holes or patches can be found and fixed owing to the large community supporting it.

There are no force upgrades. Linux not only lets an organization save on software charges but also offers long term saving on hardware. This can be particularly important for SMBs that cannot afford to keep up with the pace of change in commercial software.

Stability & Reliability is another virtue of Linux servers. They are less likely to crash as compared to Windows servers. So, you get more uptime for your website.

In addition, Linux is a bit faster at processing basic web pages. In terms of functionality, Windows supports ASP and allows dynamically constructing web pages by connecting to SQL Server or Access Databases. Linux does not support ASP & Microsoft database. It rather uses MYSQL database.

It is not mandatory that you choose windows hosting if you are using Microsoft Frontpage to build your site. All Linux accounts come free with Frontpage extensions and let you upload your Frontpage site on a Linux Server.

Majority of CGI programs that use Perl scripts have been developed on Linux / UNIX web servers. Therefore, your installation becomes smooth and reliability enhances when you select hosting your website on a Linux server. In addition, you can download many Perl scripts for free from the internet.

Hunting for a Right Linux Hosting Plan?

If you have decided to go for Linux Based Hosting Plan, here are some of the components that you need to make sure are included in your package:

·         A Control Panel to manage your webspace. cPanel is available on all Linux hosting plans.
·         POP3 email Ids & Aliases
·      FTP Accounts & Virtual FTP (included in CP) where you will be managing (upload, delete, update) your files. See that you have a handful of FTP subaccounts too.
·         Backups or facility for Automated Backups
·         Web Statistics Analysis of your website visitors to view the Report using Statistics Application
·         Enough Bandwidth
·         PHP & Mysql Support (free of charge)
·    Webmail & SMTP Email to check your mails thru a web based interface (Squirrelmail or Horde).
·         SPAM ASSASIN / Spam Filters to scan for spam mails
·         It is very much wise to invest in a dedicated IP and SSLCertificate Support.
The best shared web hosting plans for Linux start at £ 3.33
So, before you settle with the plans, ensure that these basic ingredients are included in your Linux hosting package.

Summing Up:-

To summaries, Linux is exceedingly convenient. It is loved for the ease of use, reliability, open source nature and affordability in comparison to Windows hosting. So, if you are thinking to start a blog with WordPress, or setup an online forum, then Linux hosting will be a great choice for you.

Also, unless you particularly need to use Windows specific features (ASP & an Access database), it is always better to choose Linux over Windows.

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