Important Features to be Added to Offshore Web Development

Today, the world is advancing at a rapid rate owing to the technological breakthrough being made regularly. Most of the work is being done over the network. Distances are no longer a barrier. The same applies to various fields of business. Consider the example of an IT firm. In order to bring experts from all around the world on board to work on a particular project, they tend to distribute the work at far off places. This is called offshore software development. 

There are a number of ways in which a company can go global and practice offshore software development process. Sometimes it may so happen that a particular application is created by a company at one location and its maintenance responsibilities are pass on remotely. Sometimes a team of professionals are hired, with their leader right next to the client. This team of professionals work remotely and deliver the final code to their leader which can be subsequently passed on to the client respectively. Otherwise, they can disperse a part of their work to people in far off locations, without disclosing the bigger story in context. Thus the organization have a large number of choices to choose from.

However, one should be extremely cautious and make an extremely good decision regarding the Offshore Infrastructure development partner. An offshore web development partner should have the following major characteristics –

1. Product development DNA:-

Product development DNA is a very important aspect of any offshore development company. It comprises of a wide number of functions, primarily expertise in core product development, deep domain expertise etc. Most of the company specialize in various maintenance and support activities. However, one should look for a company which has specialization in product conceptualization, product documentation and as well as product modernization.

2. Hard working people:-

Projects are becoming bigger and bigger with each passing day. It is no longer a one man’s job. A team of well qualified and skilled workers is the need of the hour.

3. In-depth technical knowledge:-

Companies should look around for a team of developers who have multiple experiencing across a wide number of locations. They should have comprehensive and in depth knowledge with respect to the field in which they are working.

4. Experience:-

They should also be able to handle a large number of clients at any point in time. The team should always comprise at least of a few number of very experienced individuals, with an expertise in project development along with a large investment of personal time upon it.

5. Knowledge of clients:-

The organization responsible for the development should understand the parameters under which their client is operating and on the basis of suggestions received they should build product such that it suffices the functional requirements as well as the business requirements.

6. Knowledge of product’s life-cycle

A product undergoes various stages in its life. Firstly it is conceptualized, then built and tested and finally dispatched to its clients. That is a lot of things to be taken care of. But hiring different partners for different phases of the product may result in increased productivity as different groups specialize in a different thing. But it also elongates the time taken by the product to reach the market. Thus it is very important to have a partner who will suffice at each and every stage of the product cycle that is right from the start to the time when it becomes obsolete.

7. Agile methodologies:-

Product development is no ordinary It activities. It is completely different from application support and maintenance activities. An organization is likely to succeed if it follows agile methodologies as it involves a very high extent of mutual collaboration between the stakeholders and the project team. As a result, one is assured of transparency. This has also been found to increase productivity.

Thus offshore web development has a lot of advantage when employed correctly. Not only it ensures that an expert panel comes onboard for the project but also makes sure that maximum resources are obtained at minimum cost.

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