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There is something powerful about books as a medium and while the whole world is enamored buy digital channels and medium, books are still one of the most popular sources of information. And when it comes to schools, while digital means of imparting education are in vogue, books have not been replaced. Despite classrooms turning smarter and smarter everyday, the role of books has not diminished. Schools therefore have their task cutout in ensuring that books are stored in proper racks for use by students.

The need to incorporate flexible options in bookshelves:-

Classrooms bookshelves need to consider the requirement for handling and storing books of various sizes and shapes.  The books of junior students are relatively larger in dimensions, by virtue of being pictorial formats, while books of senior students will be thicker and voluminous. Hence, there is a basic need for bookshelves to have shelves that are flexible to permit books of various sizes.  The feature of flexibility in permitting books of various sizes should not compromise on the ability of the shelves to carry the weight of the boos, nr should the bookshelves become unstable. It is important to understand that the bottom of the shelves will need to take the burden of considerable weight.

The need to have designs that are portable:-

School may not be in a position to hold very large collections of books and the fact that limited time is available for distribution, makes it difficult to display all the books required for the session. A mobile bookshelf for classroom is certainly the answer to the woes of coordinators and volunteers in schools, Display units that are highly mobile can be wheeled into class rooms on strong and durable caster wheels that roll smoothly over most surfaces. This will take away the burden of having to carry the shelf to the desired classroom., After use by the students, the books can be returned and the shelf can be wheeled back to a common room or to any class that may be in need of a storage rack.  Here it is important to note that he racks should be strong to support the entire weight of the books. And it is a known fact books will rarely be of uniform size, and the racks need to be able to offer the right space for books of different sizes and shapes.

Furniture needs to offer hassle free maintenance:-

It may be difficult for schools to have the resources to very frequently maintain the bookshelves or other furniture. While there are dedicated resources for cleaning and maintaining the premises, it is important to note that the size of school campuses and the number of classrooms makes it difficult for furniture and objects to be cleaned and maintained always. Hence, it is important to choose the right kind of material and finish, to keep maintenance at limited levels. The storage units for books, hence should come in materials with finishes that make it easier to maintain the shelves for a lengthier period. And it is always important that any object expected to last long with greater durability, should maintain its sheen as far as possible.

Storage options need to be elegant with lively colors that will offer a good experience to the students at the time of selecting and returning the books. Easy access should be granted to students who may not be very tall and for this purpose it is also important to have multiple levels of racks to store additional books to permit students to easily access the books in the racks.

Dull furniture never goes well with any décor, and this is more important in the case of schools and classrooms. Primarily because of the need for improved esthetics in furniture, which in turn Is a requirement to attract the attention of students who have a natural preference for vibrant and appealing designs, shapes and colors. While it is true that books offer information of great value, it is also important to understand that the different designs and prints of books, makes it necessary to offer a great display for the books. To maintain the power combination of information and esthetics designs, it is necessary to provide racks that are stunning in design to create the right storage and display space for books. Choose bookshelves that are strong, flexible in storage space, offer greater mobility, and most importantly appear attractive to students. And all of this can be obtained at reasonable prices from reputed specialist manufacturers.
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