5 Social Media Trends that change the game for eCommerce business

With more than 2 billion social media users who are constantly active over multiple social media platforms out there, properly utilizing it to promote one’s business has become of the major aspects for any eCommerce business in today’s world. This opportunity to reach out to a huge number of people also comes bundled with its own set of risks. One needs to be well informed about latest market trends if we wish to ensure the survival of our eCommerce business in this ever-changing market scenario and cut-throat competition. Social Media has been in limelight in recent years and has come out as one of the major areas which are considered during an online marketing campaign. Let’s have a look at some of the social media trends which are expected to hold the gears of eCommerce industry in the days to come.

1. Live Streaming:-

Product videos have been a focus of online businesses for a long time now, but this has undergone a major shift with the introduction of live video streaming over quite a few social media platforms. The usage of content marketing has reduced significantly in recent times and a steady increase in live video content is expected in near future. Facebook created a record with the highest number of live streaming on the New Years Eve. Some of the eCommerce giants have already started indulging in this domain and it is high time for small and medium businesses around the globe to plan their online marketing strategy accordingly.

2. Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence:-

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence is the undoubtedly the future of not only eCommerce businesses out there but the entire digital space around us. Although, these have been buzzwords in the technological world for quite some time now, there has not been considerable advancements and noteworthy implementations in this field. Some of the leading companies like Google, Microsoft, and even Facebook are working in this field which makes it important for eCommerce businesses to rethink their content marketing strategies so that we can make proper use of social media for eCommerce business. The content needs to be such that customers can visualize and better understand the product.

3. Social eCommerce:-

The entire face of online business has changed from shopping over the internet, eCommerce to shopping over mobile devices, m-Commerce and now to shopping over various social media platforms, known as Social commerce. This allows us to buy products directly from social media platforms without hassles of going to the specific website of the store. Many people nowadays not only prefer browsing through the contents of the store on social media but also shop using the links available there. Leading social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are allowing direct purchases through them. Facebook has come out to be one of the most prominent platforms for social commerce and for this very reason many eCommerce stores are integrating options to sync their products on the online store with Facebook.

4. Mobile Advertising:-

This is yet another sector which has been exploited quite effectively by businesses around the globe. Marketers have made a considerable investment in Mobile Marketing in past year or so. Some of the leading social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram have had a major portion of their ad revenue generated by means of mobile marketing. Facebook claims that more than 80% of its total revenue of over $7 billion came from mobile-based ads. eCommerce businesses need to look out for these opportunities to ensure maximum lead generation and guarantee the fact that they are in sync with the latest social media trends.

5. Video Storytelling:-

This has been one of the most interesting progressions in the present digital scenario. Storytelling by means of video-based ads has been quite effective in grabbing the attention of potential customers in the competitive online market. eCommerce giant, Amazon has made optimal use of this technique to promote its products. Videos develop excitement among customers and also nurtures their relationship with the business. This has opened up new possibilities in the online marketing and content generation domain for eCommerce businesses. We can also come up with video testimonials and instructional videos to provide quick tips to customers. This is one of the areas which can be explored to great extents.

These are some of the latest social media trends which are expected to have a significant impact on the eCommerce business in the days to come. Both, the eCommerce sector and social media are constantly evolving and that too at a rapid pace. One needs to be updated with latest market trends so that marketing campaigns can be planned and implemented accordingly. We can also make use of some of the Magento development tools while building up the Magento based eCommerce store to integrate social login to our website. This will help towards increasing visibility of our products and enhance customer engagement on social media platforms. Although it is quite difficult to predict which of these trends are going to help us provide a substantial boost to our business, however, staying abreast with latest changes will surely help our eCommerce business to evolve and adapt accordingly.

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