Top Factors to Speed up Your Business Website

Today’s hasty digitised world demands speed. Slow loading sites kill conversations. Did you know what a single-second delay in page load time may yield-

As per sources, you can suffer an 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, about 7% loss in conversions and many other setbacks. Another extra second may impact your user engagement severely & may knock down your sales.”

Still not convinced that speed is a critical factor that can’t be overlooked? Well, think again! Even Google takes speed into consideration when ranking the websites.

Here is a graphic that shows how website speediness alone can impact your business.

How to Speed Up Your Business Website?

Although there are a lot of factors that influence the page load time of your site, we shall discuss the two major factors that it takes to increase your site speed and improve user experience

    a)  The Web Hosting Service You Choose
    b)  The Choice Of Server

The Choice of Servers:-

Servers have altered the way businesses manage their resources and the way they operate. Servers offer cloud hosting services, colocation services, enterprise dedicated servers or cPanel services to keep the websites running smoothly. Plus, the storage possibilities are an icing on the cake that comes up with these options.
Well, if you aren’t a techie, and are wondering what all that gibberish means, a server is basically a cloud-powered infrastructure that offers sever management and many other features to speed up your site.

With so many options, reduced pricing and improving efficiency guarantee, the question arises - Whether it would be wise to have an onsite server, or a cloud-based server or virtualization that can offer the best service for your business… which one should you choose?

So, before you make up your mind, ask these 5 questions:

·         Do you need a server for file sharing?

  • ·         Whether the server will predominantly be used for email?
  • ·         Is remote connection for your workforce the main objective?
  • ·         Or do you need the server to back up your data?
  • ·         What is the amount of space required to house a server?

Once you riposte the above interrogations, you will get a clear route about the kind of server your business will require. Generally, a server is used for file sharing or managing workloads across multiple points and for backups. So, craft a list of prioritises to get a clear roadmap to follow.

Choose the Right Web Hosting Option:-

Moving to a right web host will always bring efficiency. While many business owners go for the cheapest option, several others choose a scattershot approach for selecting a hosting service. Keep in mind, once your website will attract traffic and that you need to upgrade.

So, when looking at hosting, you have three different options:

  1. ·         Shared hosting
  2. ·         VPS hosting
  3. ·         Dedicated server

Shared Hosting:-

Shared hosting is one of the most economical options to go with. It is most suited for personal blogging and small businesses websites that deal with less traffic. It refers to a web hosting service where a many websites are hosted in a single server. You share your server space and resources (bandwidth, space, database, etc.) with other websites. However, the downside of this type of hosting is security owing to the sharing of supplies. Again, websites can experience sluggishness due to consumption of resources by other sites.

Hosting prices usually begin at £ 3 per month

VPS Hosting:-

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server that offers more control over their environment than they do with shared hosting. VPS hosting is a good starter package for businesses that want to have dedicated hosting but are a bit wary of the technological know how. You can call VPS hosting as a great bridge between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

A VPS hosting is less expensive as compared to dedicated hosting plan that uses a physical server. You can customise VPS plans to meet your needs. Thus, you get the liberty to pay for what you use. Again, VPS hosting plans are easily scalable. That means you can start with minimum amount of resources in the beginning and then upscale your hosting plan to accommodate your needs. VPS Hosting offers more control over the hosting environment as compared to shared hosting. You can choose from semi managed hosting services to fully managed services.

The biggest drawback of a VPS Hosting plans are is that it is more expensive as compared to shared hosting. Plus, there can be a problem of appropriate resource allocation.

Hosting prices usually begin at £ 12 per month

Dedicated Hosting:-

True to its name, a dedicated server is exclusively leased to a single customer. Unlike VPS or shared hosting where flexibility is an issue, a dedicated server allows client to customise their server as per their unique needs. Choosing a dedicated hosting guarantees good uptime, security and robust performance for your website. Mostly, enterprises that are looking for more power and control must go with this option. One of the main issues with dedicated hosting is its high cost and the knowledge of using it more competently. 

Hosting prices usually begin at £ 70 per month

Bonus: Cloud based servers are yet another option to improve the speed of your business’s website. Not just this, but choosing cloud servers to rest your data offers highest level of security for your data too. As you know, the cost of cybercrime is mounting and 60% of Businesses with this problem go bust within 6 months.

As per, the cost of a single ransomware incident can cost a company more than $713,000 on average.

So, it is always better to prevent such attacks at first place by the most obvious way via encryption on cloud. There are many hosting companies like eUKHOST, Dreamhost, Rackspace and others that are reputed in offering hosting solutions for businesses worldwide.
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