Replace Your Garage Door with 12 Easy Steps

Replace Your Garage Door with 12 Easy Steps:-

DIY garage door replacement can help you save a lot of money. If you are not familiar with the process, here is a step-wise guide that can help you carry out the task:

1.   Measure The Door

The very first step is to take measurements before purchasing a new garage door. The measurement of the width of the door must be from the actual structural member, not the trim piece. Also, measure the headroom to have an idea whether the door will be able to operate or not.

2.   Lower The Position Of The Door

As every door is different, some should be taken out when in up position and the others when in down position. When doing residential garage door replacement in Boulder CO, there should be no tension on the door while taking it apart. It is safe to release the door once it is up and locked into place and free of tension. 

3.   Take Out The Door Panels

Loosen the brace after removing the pin from its top center. Also, remove the nuts from the bolts on the top panel and the nuts at the top of the next panel down. After following this, the first panel must come right out. Continuing repeating this until all panels are removed.

4.   Undo The Operator

A laser sensor is used to keep the door open when an object is under it. Take away this laser sensor, the old door tracks, and the brackets that are holding the tracks in place. Disconnecting the track from the brackets will allow it to suspend from the ceiling, and in this step, you need to keep your grip firm or the rail will fall.

5.   Smoothen The New Door

The lower piece of the garage door must be set in place so that it fits on the concrete floor. Add shims till it is level. Using a compass, make sure that it is the right distance between the bottom of the door and the concrete. Draw a line across the bottom to indicate where to cut.

6.   Set Up Weather Stripping

Install weather stripping to complete the bottom panel using galvanized roofing nails.

7.   Fit In The Corner Brackets And Construct The Hinges

As the corner brackets mostly have an R and an L on them so they can effortlessly be installed on the right side. The heart-shaped spaces are where the screws go. After this, build the hinges.

8.   Connect Tracks And Rollers

Garage door roller replacement in Boulder CO is known a little tricky. However, install rollers, once the hinges are in place. The track will be set on the bottom two wheels. With the help of brackets, you actually secure the track to the wall, yet it is suggested to wait until the end so that the doors can be as close as required.

9.   Outline The Hinges

The first and last hinges go 1-3/4 inches from the edge, while the central hinges go 48 inches from the edges of the panel. Before installing the hinges, use a carpenter's square to mark them.

10.  Secure The Panels

Follow the company's instructions for assembly very carefully as the springs on them are very tough. Make sure that you are prepared completely because until the panels are attached to each other, you will be stuck inside the garage.

11.  Attach The Tracks

Fasten down the track with screws. Carefully connect the vertical and horizontal track to prevent the door from getting out of line.

12.  Set up The End Bearing

Simply install the end bearing on which the tension rod will slide through and spin.
By following these steps, you have almost replaced your new garage door. Now fasten the hinges, install the cable, spring, and operator support. Finish it by painting or polishing your garage door according to your choice. And, make sure to take precautionary measures for a safe installation.
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