The Best Data Integration Solutions For The Success Of Your Business

The Best Data Integration Solutions For The Success Of Your Business:-

In the current times, the digital marketers have moved from a campaign driven approach to a more customer centric approach, creating data silos. With the daunting growth of data, it is estimated to increase up to 44 zettabytes by 2020, further complicating the lives of marketers. The reason of this influx is as simple as the easy availability of information in the internet. To gain from the hike of customer data available, marketing technology companies responded by creating more platforms that make it easier to collect data and transform the collected data into an actionable insight.

As a result, data integration tools, integration of the sources of data as well as marketing technologies would be a vital thing to do by a companies in order to establish a successful relevant customer experiences and to initiate accelerated growth.

Why has data integration become so important?

Looking at the current times, data has become a valuable asset for many businesses. And, to utilize the value of customer data, marketers require a single customer view. Google Analytics as an attribution modeling technique is yet another features which is helping business to measure their performance statistics and even compare it with other competitor businesses.
Then by linking the web analytics data with an email system, can enable a marketer to trigger even more relevant email campaign which can help in doubling the value generated by an email.
Hence, data integration is not an easy task. It is one of the biggest headaches for a marketer to move data between systems.

Here is a list of seven things that the marketers should try to achieve: -

1) Consider how your existing technology integrates with the one you are buying. It is not important that different systems will work well together if you have a partnership or API (application programming interface). Look out for hidden integration costs such as set up and maintenance fees.

2) Choose what you want, is it best of the breed, or a single software suite? An incremental improvement or a big bang approach? The solution is never put everything into one box. This would cost too much and take longer.
The status of many large vendors today is that their technology is not properly integrated.
The statement to cover the technological lacking is “It will get better in two or three years’ time”, but what until then?
3) Mapping different customer journeys and prioritizing what mistake is being made between different data systems.

4)  Integrate to fill the gaps with the necessary data. Measure the benefits to justify, further making a continuous improvement process.
5) Most of the businesses today do not have a real-time single customer view. Use a cut down customer profile for real time applications.

6)  To link disparate datasets using data fusion or segmentation techniques.
7)  Tap into your organization’s CRM experience.
As the data value and volume increases, and the attribution analytics becomes even complex, the linking of data in different legacy systems becomes even more important. In black and white, the future of marketing is integration. The creation of seamless, data-enhanced workflow, where the marketers no longer require toggling between several different applications will definitely set up market teams for revenue success.
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