When did you last freshen your email list?

How often should you review your email list to keep it in good condition?:-

Are the email addresses in your e-news system engaged with your company, or are they languishing, creating an unnecessary burden, and unnecessary charges to your e-news account each time you send out en e-news update?

Many times, when dealing with a business website,  whether the company focus is on business to business or business to consumer,  visitors to the site will enter their work email address.  As people change jobs, these emails will bounce, costing your company money, and decrease your return on investment for the news you have carefully crafted to draw your leads in to become customers.

Mail Chimp and Constant Contact - 2 of the e-news servicesLet's take a look at 2 of the popular e-news providers,  MailChimp, and Constant Contact.

Mail Chimp has small businesses an opportunity to test drive their system with the "Forever Free"  account.  With this account type, you don't have access to some of the "tools of the trade," but it will give you the basics of what you need.  At the core,  the basics are:

·         2,000 email addresses
12,000 emails per month

If you have all 2,000 email addresses utilized. That's 6 emails each month that you can send.  However,  having all 2,000 email address slots filled does not allow for growth, so you have to move on to a paid subscription.  

There are subscriptions ranging from $10 / month to $240 / month, and it is subscriber based charges

·         Up to 500 subscribers – $10
·         Up to 1,000 subscribers – $15
·         Up to 2,500 subscribers – $30

To see the rest of the pricing check out Mail Chimp's pricing page

Using Mail Chimp, an un-scrubbed list could cost your company $30 / month, right off the bat.

Constant Contact is more expensive and is also based on the number of subscribers.  They also offer a 60 day free trial for up to 100 subscribers.  After that,  their prices range from $15 / month to custom subscriptions for greater than 25,000 subscribers.  You can learn more about Constant Contact's pricing by visiting their site, or you may click here.

One of the simplest ways to increase your ROI for lead conversion is making sure that your email list is up to date and fresh.  But, what does that mean? Hotmail There are several factors to consider when reviewing your email list.  There are some tools that you can utilize to do this,  or you can hire a company that does this kind of work to do this for you.

Here is a short list of things you can do to improve the quality of your email list:

  • Top of the list,  remove any email addresses that are bouncing.   A bounced email is worthless, and you are simply flushing your money down the drain.
  • Remove any email addresses that are not, at the very least, opening the emails that you send.  Be careful though!  This is a metric that requires examination of several months of data.  How many months, depends on how often you send emails, and how targeted your list is.

Typically,  these two steps will scrub your email list sufficiently to keep your lists fresh and will have the most potential to convert leads into customers.

After eliminating the truly cold leads, you can focus on the leads that are either sitting on the fence and have not committed to a purchase.

Need some help managing your email lists?  Contact IntelliSparx today for a limited time offer to do an analysis on your e-news system and set up.

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