Top 7 Android Apps For Rooted Android Device

Top 7 android apps for rooted android device:-

It is true that, when you do root your smartphone, then you can easily do lots of customization using your android smartphone.  A rooting smartphone is powerful between unroot the phone. But you should remember it, while you do root your smartphone, then you loos your phone warranty. However, if you don't know what is root and how can you get the extra advantage using root, you should read some article about android rooting..

Lucky Patcher - If we say what is the best rooting android application on now times, then everybody says Lucky Patcher is the best rooting apps for android. We can do lots of customization using lucky patcher. Such as we can block android internal ads, move system apps to external memory, free app purchases, bypass game level and more. This is a free android app and anyone can use it.

Xposed Framework - If you want to make your devices user interface is unique and uncommon then you should use this app. If you have been using the android smartphone for a long time, you might have to know about custom ROMs. It is one of the best root apps for the android device, that can give you lots of customizing without installing custom ROMs.

Titanium Backup -It is one of most familiar apps for android. Data backup is too much important for us, while we change our smartphone or sold it. While this app has come to the market then the problem was properly solved. Titanium Backup can easily backup your all phone data, such as all files, contact, SMS, game Data etc. You can also do using Titanium Backup to remove bloatware. This app has 2 version, 1 is free and another is paid. The free version has some limitation, but the paid version has no limitation.

Dumpster - If you deleting your any important file, then you can restore it using Dumpster. The dumpster is one of the best recycle bin for android. It is free so you can easily get from Google Play. It can able to restore music file, images, videos, documents etc. When you install this app, you can't delete files permanently with one click. You should also clean Dumpster.

Greenify - Are you worried about your smartphone battery? If you want to improve your smartphone battery performance, just use it and improve up to 30% battery life. This app has 2 version, 1 version is required root and another is unrooted. So if your phone was not root, you can use unroot version. It is free so you can easily download it from google play.

Apps2SD - It is one of the free popular android apps. This application can transfer internal memory Data to external memory. You can also clean or uninstall internal / system app using Apps2SD.  This app includes Busybox, app removes, a terminal emulator, support for adoptable storage etc.

Solid Explorer - Solid Explorer is one of the best file manager app for Android. It is a paid application. But this app has lots of premium features, such as you can do copy, paster, unzip and zip files, support cloud storage, hide your personal files, and network storage devices. This app user interface is clean, so it can easily attract anyone.

Now, you have got about top 7 root apps for android. I recommend trying out the free version of your using paid version.

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