Protect Yourself from those SEO Con Artists

Protect Yourself from those SEO Con Artists:-

SEO con artists are everywhere, delivering fake results and making fake promises. But if you are smart enough, you can easily call their bluff. Before you renew your monthly contract with that apparent expert, make sure you get yourself familiar with the most popular tricks that SEO con artists use.

Today, almost anyone who is a no one is either an online copywriter or an SEO expert. Lack of knowledge among small business owners and the sheer pace of the internet marketing industry are spawning the growth of these SEO con artists. These are the people who give you false promises and show you false results. If you are looking for SEO services, it is important to be aware of these SEO con artists and their conning techniques.

Here are 5 really easy giveaways of SEO con artists:-

Purchasing traffic and redirecting it to your Website:-

It’s a classic trick of SEO con artists with green bay packers hat. Traffic is purchased from paid internet marketing services such as Google Adwords and passed off as organic search engine traffic. Skilled coders manipulate traffic sources in web logs and analytics to make Adwords traffic look like it is coming from organic results.

Catching this trick is easy though. Install Google Webmaster Tools, and try tracking web analytics as well as web logs for a detailed traffic overview. You will spot the trick sooner or later.

Altering Affiliate Codes:-

For websites which have an active affiliate program, con artists make the affiliate referral traffic look as if it is coming from organic search results. Communicating with your most productive affiliates from time to time helps you catch the trick early and nab the fraudster.

The Social media Con:-

Growing influence of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and the coming of Google + has prompted several SEO con artists to add the latest con to their repertoire. They build a superficial network of followers on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter page etc. Building a superficial network comes easy. All you need to do is make fake profiles by the dozens every day. However, that does not solve the real purpose- of getting found by potential customers on social media channels.

Checking profiles of your followers and checking interactivity of your social media pages is an easy way to keep a check on this.

Charging a bomb for meta-tag updates:-

Meta-tags play a very small role when it comes to search engine rankings. Moreover, updating meta-tags for your website is the easiest of jobs for an SEO expert. But a SEO con artist would still charge you a bomb for this job, which is worth peanuts.

They Simply Vanish:-

Every con artist does that and SEO con artists are no different. You enter into a long term contract with them and a couple of months later, they simply disappear. That’s why, it is important to go for trusted SEO companies. You never know who might turn out to be a SEO con artist.
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