IPhone 7: 5 Reasons Why it holds up strong even against iPhone 8 and X

IPhone 7: 5 Reasons Why it holds up strong even against iPhone 8 and X:-

The debate of which smartphone is the best is a never ending one. New competitors enter the market every year with strong phones such as the locally dominant Q Mobile which recently came out with the Q Mobile Infinity E. The fragmented market with its high variety of options means that people are switching between phones faster than ever before! However, there is one brand which has maintained its position within the industry thanks to its unique persona. A persona which creates fierce brand loyalty among its users, assuring them that no one switches from their brand, Apple.

Unfortunately, it seems as if Apple’s biggest rival is Apple itself. With new models being launched every year and their latest flagship phone being the iPhone X, the American smartphone giants persuades its customers to upgrade their phones annually. This time, however, their strategy might not work. Whilst iPhone 8 and X are great phones, many have criticized Apple for not being innovative enough with the features and design. This has led to a growing belief that their last flagship phone, the iPhone 7, is still their best phone yet, prompting users to not switch to the new phones. An argument can certainly be made for this case! Here is why iPhone 7 holds up strong even against iPhone 8 or X.

   1)  Significantly cheaper:-

iPhone 7 has aged finely. iPhone 7 price in Pakistan is currently within the Rs.60k range whilst the iPhone 8 lies above Rs.80k for more or less the same phone. That’s right, there is not much of a difference between the devices neither in terms of specifications nor design.

Standing at a whopping Rs.117,000 and above, iPhone X price in Pakistan will drill a hole in your pockets which begs the question, it is even worth it?

   2)  IPhone 8 and X are fragile phones!:-

iPhone introduced glass backs with their 2017 releases, rendering the phones more fragile than ever before. Whilst it does give the new phones a classier look, users need to be much more careful about smudges, cracks and fall damage. On the other hand, iPhone 7 with its aluminum unibody frame along with a metal back, is a contender for being Apple’s toughest phone! 

Another edge that iPhone 7 has over the new releases in terms of design is its availability in different colors. iPhone 8 comes in silver, gold and space gray whilst iPhone X is only available in white and black.

iPhone 7 is available in five different colors, namely: Jet black, matte black, silver, gold, and rose gold.

The iPhone 7 is one of the best-selling phones ever made and whilst iPhone 8 and iPhone X have generated a great profit for Apple, the company still had a disappointing Quarter in the end of 2017. Does this indicate a shift in the buying attitude of Apple’s fanbase? Or is this proof of the fact the iPhone 7 is capable of challenging its ancestors! Telemart is the biggest platform for Online Shopping in Pakistan. Shop from a wide range of smartphones, gadgets, appliances, cosmetics, books, healthcare & fashion products and much more at affordable prices. Cash on delivery available nationwide.
IPhone 7: 5 Reasons Why it holds up strong even against iPhone 8 and X IPhone 7: 5 Reasons Why it holds up strong even against iPhone 8 and X Reviewed by Pravesh Kumar Maurya on 01:09 Rating: 5

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