How to Activate Office 2016 for your PC and Mac?

How to Activate Office 2016 for your PC and Mac?:-

Microsoft office is undoubtedly one of the important software that any laptop or computer should have, as for working and maintaining database the same provides excellent support to go for. Microsoft Office 2016-2018, is one such software that has penetrated the Mac and Windows laptop and worked smoothly in both of them.

There are many benefits in the Microsoft office. That's why this application is very popular now. There are many people who are using Microsoft office 2016, but you can also download Microsoft office 2018. This is the latest version of this application.

About Microsoft Office 2016-2018:-

Microsoft Office 2016, is one of the latest version of office available. The software portrays the mobility; auto-save options, switching between devices, etc. has become a lot easier as compared to the previous versions. Sharing documents and sheets have a different definition now as just click on share tab you can assign the permission to the respective recipients and can also make out the person currently working on documents. Attachments can also be shared through SharePoint and one drive so that now sending bulky attachments doesn't take much time for the users.

Microsoft office 2016, has brought a revolutionary change in the experience of the user to serve them better. The software is best to be used as workspaces and can be installed in the respective devices in no time. There are windows, Mac and as well as applications are also launched for the users to have quick access to the updated version of Microsoft office. So equip your workstation with a smooth working culture with the help of Microsoft office 2016.

How to activate Microsoft office 2016:

Before activate, you should download office activator from here. In different platforms the procedure is found to be different, as in the Mac the same is entirely different while on windows the installation follows different steps:

How to install office on Mac:-

Below we have mentioned few steps to guide you through the installation of office in your Mac:

Click on the launchpad in the dock for display various applications and look for the applications like Microsoft Word to initiate the activation process. Scroll down to search the app. On clicking a new window open for the user click get started and go for “Sign in” tab. If you didn't find the respective window go to top menu and click on the word and follow the path to click on activate office and then you will see a tab for sign in.

Now enter your email address, used for the activities associated with Mac and then go to Next tab. Enter the password for email to proceed forward. Once you enter the password, the system started checking for the license and activating it, if found.

And Here you are with the Microsoft office 2016, on your Mac. Here more games for PC.

Install office 2016 in Windows:-

For installation you need to buy the office through any retail store and the same is comprised of the key to be loaded while you activate the office on your laptop. You will receive a box and card from the store to check the same for keys before paying for office at any retail store.

Below are the steps will help you in loading the Microsoft office 2016:-

  1. Insert the DVD from the box in your laptop and click on set up and look for install office tab to enter the product key.
  2. If you already have an existing Microsoft account or previous version office, then the same provides a provision to enter the email address and password. So do sign in through the same and click next.
  3. Select language and country or region and then go to Continue tab.
  4. Now you will end up on my account page and click on install.
The above steps will guide you in installing as well as activating the Microsoft word 2016 on your device and keep using the software being unstoppable.
Note: For download Microsoft office, you can use Internet download manager crack application.

Final Words:-

After reading the whole article, you know that office 2016-2018 is very important for computer user both Mac and Windows. So, if you don't have Microsoft office and you want to install and activate, this is the best place for you. You will get everything from our post.
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