The Value of Motivation to a Young Student

The Value of Motivation to a Young Student:-

Motivation is nothing but an excitement generated from inside and it can help us in the process of completing an action successfully. You will fail to perform well and affect the outcome if you lack adequate motivation. The process of motivation contributes to finding the trigger to get success in a particular task. Sometimes motivation needs a conscious effort, but certain actions like looking for love or a good friend are categorized as innate motives which are inbuilt and constant within us. On the other hand, secondary motives motivate us to get involved in certain activities and this depends on external factors.

If you are continually struggling through subjects like Math, Science or History, and not everyone is equally motivated to learn the same things.  You will realize that it was quite easy to sit in an English class without getting bored or distracted, but it is tough when it comes to learning the same syllabus for the exams. In such instances, you develop a certain pattern of learning and build a system of your own make it easy.  Such kinds of actions show your motivation to learn and the efforts that you add in order to develop a specific learning process for yourself.

There are different ways of how motivation becomes a part of yourself, as sometimes it develops from your interest, while sometimes it comes out of necessity. Let us understand motivation in a bit deeper level:

The Intrinsic motivation: -

This occurs when you get internally motivated to perform a particular task because you love it or because it is important to you. This kind of motivation can keep students excited to face different challenges. In such instances, most of the times students don’t even expect any kind of reward. Intrinsic motivation will make life easy at school, as students are expected to learn all subjects irrespective of their interests. This type of motivation can be developed by making study material more real for the convenience of the students.

The Extrinsic motivation:-

 This is when a student wishes to study or learn due to external factors which involve punishment or reward. However, it’s been shown that punishment is never helpful and rewards create dependency. Hence, it is advisable to give fewer rewards and nurture extrinsic motivation with realizing the value of learning.

Incorporating Motivation in Modern Education System:-

Motivation helps in achieving the purpose and roles of learning. Researchers believe that motivation and study skills become the significant analyzing factors while developing math skills. Students who are highly competitive are internally motivated to learn all simple to complex math problems. This replaces rote learning with following the concepts as it makes more sense.

  • Why is daily motivation a need in student’s life?
  • Motivation is just like food, you need it daily or else the whole system gets into trouble.
  • Motivation improves effort and consistency in learning
  • It elevates the overall performance
  • It makes one competent towards achieving good results 

How do you make sure that you are a highly-motivated student?

The behavior of a student is analyzed for identifying whether he/she is fully motivated or not. Teachers who motivate students usually tend to measure the behavior or compare in order, check the impact of motivation in their day-to-day activities. Below listed are the signs that they usually look forward to students:

• Watching a YouTube video or engaging yourself in other entertaining activities instead of completing homework shows the level of motivation.

• The amount of time taken to accomplish a particular task or how long it takes to accomplish a task reflects the impact of motivation.

• Sometimes it is true that students take the longest time to complete a task in order to make it perfect. This is their enthusiasm which restricts them from giving up on a task.

• Different kinds of efforts or shortcuts which students embrace to finish a task in the allotted time.

• Actions are usually related to emotions which indicate the pleasure or disappointment that is caused by an action. This is one of the accurate indicators of motivation.

Which are common techniques that are used to increase motivation in a classroom?

1. The right attitude :-
Research has proved that interaction between a teacher and student holds more importance compared to the structure of a planned syllabus. The academic challenges may make the student’s life more complicated but an empathetic teacher can handle this situation seamlessly. It is important to realize the struggles in a student’s life rather than just pressurizing them to improve. As a teacher, you can have complete control over keeping the student motivated and maintaining their excitement level to learn more about a particular topic or subject. Hence, teachers who are concerned about motivating students, make sure that they carry the right attitude while interacting in a classroom.

2. Discussion on efforts:-
If a student submits a final result, it is the duty of the teacher to value the efforts behind it rather than just complimenting them to produce good results. Most teachers tend to acknowledge the hard work and discuss it with the students, and this makes the student helper. It gives them a confirmation that they have achieved success through the right techniques and not just because of luck or poor competitors. This can really boost the confidence of the students and keep them motivated to give their best at every level.

3. Change their ways:-

Students usually get bored if they are not given a break or made to do interesting activities apart from work. This can hamper their productivity and drop down the level of motivation which they had in the beginning. Teachers, who realize this, try to involve them in fun games or outdoor activities other than just studying. This will make them feel fresh and active.

Wrap up:

Motivation is not just limited to having a successful student life, but it also helps in shaping the future of students. They grow up to be positive individuals and lead a happily motivated lifestyle.


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