Some Quick Makeup Hacks for Girls

Some Quick Makeup Hacks for Girls:-

Makeup trends and techniques have taken women by storm. But the Internet is here to save us with quick and easy hacks. Check if you fall in Charter Spectrum Service Area to subscribe to the best ISP.

The market is saturated and bombarded with makeup products of all different types that are promising in terms of quality and help you create mesmerizing and gorgeous looks. Women of this contemporary age are absolutely addicted to makeup, so much so that it has taken a form of passion for many. The demand for makeup has made makeup brands come up with amazing products that they drop in the market every now and then. They have taken the full advantage of the marketing potential of the Internet and they create this irresistible hype of every product that they launch that women easily fall prey to.

All those makeup bloggers on the Internet creating these gorgeous and flawless looks are always taking women’s attention, especially in the makeup tutorials on the social media forums. If you fall into Spectrum Cable Deals and have a subscription to one of their Internet plans, you must be aware of how the Internet is flooded with makeup tutorials, teasers, videos and images of every makeup brand’s products. People, especially women follow these pages wildly, looking for all the hacks and easy tips and techniques to create those flawless makeup looks. We have also compiled some amazing makeup hacks for you to try and enjoy.

·      Applying A Nice Winged Eyeliner Easily:-

All women can relate to the struggle of applying the (much in vogue) ‘winged eyeliner’ accurately and most importantly equally (on both eyes). It is perhaps the toughest part of applying makeup, at least we feel that. If luckily it is applied correctly, there is always a slight difference in both the eyes. Also, we all envy all those MUAs (makeup artists) and bloggers/vloggers for creating those perfect smoky eyes with picture-perfect eyeliner winged to perfection. Well, we have some easy eyeliner hacks for you.

  • Ø  You can use a piece of paper or tape (on the corner of the eye) to achieve the best result in eyeliner application.
  •  Ø  You can use the eyeliner stamp, that is easily available in the market to create a wing. That makes it really easy.
  •  Ø  You can use a hairpin/bobby pin to create the wing. Keep the hairpin at the end of the eye (just like the tape or paper) and create the desired look.
  •  Ø  Draw the ends/wings first and then the rest of the look.
  •  Ø  You can draw lines or dots and then connect them. It makes the application easier.
  • Ø  You can even use a spoon to create the winged eyeliner, just like in the image above.

Mascara Hacks :-

       Although most of us apply false/fake lashes, no girl ever compromises on the need and significance of a good mascara. Here are a few effective mascara hacks for you.

  • Ø  Use an eyelash curler before you apply the mascara for a better look.
  •  Ø  Sometimes, you get hold of a really nice mascara and you literally adore the mascara brush. So instead of throwing it away when your mascara finishes, you need to clean it up and use it with a different mascara to get your desired lash-look.
  •  Ø  The movement of your mascara wand should be towards the nose instead of the towards the corners of the eyes (that most of us follow). That makes it easy to maneuver too.
  •  Ø  To avoid clumps on the lashes, wipe off the excess mascara on a piece of tissue paper.
  •  Ø  Always apply mascara on your lower lashes as well for your eyes to look bigger. And to avoid having marks on the skin, apply mascara on the lower lash and keep a spoon underneath.
  •  Ø  Dust powder/baby powder over the eyelashes with a soft brush after you have applied mascara once and then apply mascara again to have thicker and plump lashes.
  •  Ø  Apply mascara while you have curled the lashes in a lash curler. It helps them stay curled longer.

·        Fixing Oily Nose:-

      People with oily skin experience that certain parts of their face become oily very soon after they have applied makeup, especially nose. Here are a few beauty hacks to fix this problem.

  • Ø  With a soft big brush, lightly dust you nose and parts that become oily with baking powder. It will prevent your nose from becoming oily and spoil the intact makeup look.
  • Ø  Apply eyeshadow primer on the nose, followed by setting spray, before you apply the foundation and makeup.
  • Ø  Apply a gentle cleanser and wash it off. Pat dry and leave for 10 to 15 minutes before applying makeup.

Highlighting and Contouring Hacks:-

      Highlighting and contouring look like one heck of a tough and complex job for someone who only knows basic makeup. But guess what? The Internet is here to save your day with all those amazing highlighting and contouring tutorials. So, for all those who have been thinking about this catchy line, ‘contouring is the new photoshop’, here are a few easy and incredible hacks.

  • Ø  Blending is the key to creating the best look. Whether you are using powder or liquid, blend the product to create a fine, smooth and more natural look.
  • Ø  Use the right brushes. Many people have the right products but they don’t know which are the right brushes and end up blaming the product. If you don’t use the right brush, you won’t be able to create the right look.
  • Ø  Apply dots or draw lines with the highlighter, contouring powder/liquid and then blend them to achieve a smooth, blended look.

The key to a good makeup application is practice and experimenting. Although the makeup tutorials are addictive and you can’t help watching them but do practice more and more to be an expert of at least your own makeup. You can only watch your favorite beauty bloggers and makeup artists if you have a steady Internet subscription. Check out if you are in San Diego then go to the Spectrum Internet San Diego to grab some amazing packages at economical rates. 
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