Downloads Grow In the Google Play Store But the App Store Wins In Profits

Downloads Grow In the Google Play Store But the App Store Wins In Profits:-

Android and iOS are the two operating systems that we find in mobile phones today. Each of them has its own application store. The Play Store in the case of Android and in the case of iOS we find the App Store. Once the 2017 has been completed, the data of the entire year of both stores is known. Therefore, it is interesting to be able to compare them.

One of the main conclusions is that the Play Store has grown in downloads, in fact manages to double the App Store in that regard. But, the application store of Apple phones generates more benefits. What is the origin of these differences between the two stores?

SensorTower is the company in charge in this occasion that has published a report with the data of the two stores of applications along 2017. An interesting analysis that offers us information that surely the majority of users wanted to know. What can we expect from this analysis?

Play Store and App Store: Downloads:-

The first data that this study reveals is the number of applications that a user has downloaded for the first time in 2017. This means that how many new applications we have downloaded. In the case of Android, the figure was 64 billion, which is an increase of 16.7% over last year. For iOS the number has been 28 billion. An increase of 6.7% compared to 2016. So in that sense the downloads increase at a much higher rate in the case of Android.

They explain that the rise of Android has been especially important in 2017. The reason is that the presence of phones with the operating system of Google has increased in emerging markets (India, Brazil). Apple never highlights that one aspect. For example, the Android One project has helped a lot in these emerging markets. Since it offers a more fluid experience.

It should also be noted that in the case of the Play Store we find many more applications available than in the iOS App Store. Something that also influences.

Play Store and App Store: Benefits:-

The other data that has been revealed in this analysis is that of the income of the two stores. A fact in which the Play Store does not shine too much. Since the revenues have not managed to surpass those that we find in the Apple App Store. Since the Apple application store has managed to bill almost twice that of Google. So the purchase of applications or purchases within the applications are much higher.

To be more specific, Apple has obtained a profit of 38.5 billion dollars. While the Play Store has obtained a profit of 20.1 billion dollars. A notable difference between both stores. Although, there is good news for Google. Since the benefits of the Play Store have grown at the same pace as those of the App Store. Since the rise of the Play Store has been of 34.2%, slightly lower than the store of Apple applications. So the company can be happy with this data and see that the trend is positive.

The data can be interpreted in several ways. Since there are currently more Android phones than with iOS as an operating system. Therefore, there are more phones that have a Google app store. But, the revenues are much higher in the App Store. Although this has an explanation.

Since the iPhone is generally more expensive than most Android phones. So Apple users are usually more willing to pay for applications or tend to have a larger budget. While the majority of Android users bet on free applications. Something that causes revenue to be significantly lower in the case of Google.

Do you pay for applications in the Play Store?
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