Book Recommendations By World’s Most Successful People

Book Recommendations By World’s Most Successful People:

“If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads”. How often do we hear this saying in all its varied forms? A look at the routines and constant tactics of modern successful people reveals striking similarities that are worth emulation. Over time, outliers have developed a chain of consistent actions that they consider as crucial in their life.

One of such “actions” is reading. You would hardly find a successful person constantly reading entertainment magazines, or romantic novels during his leisure time. This is not to say they have never read those; such genres could be used to cool off after a long day. A successful person is always looking for ways to amplify his knowledge and skills. He/she strives to be better and more capable intellectually, emotionally and practically every day.

These goals and objectives are reflected in their book choices. Well-accomplished individuals will often tell you that the best books to read for success include those that focus on self-improvement. They devote hours to studying literature that serves as an inspirational guide in their journey to achieve a goal. They have also been discovered to have an affinity for the biographies of other successful people, irrespective of their field.

Looking at the types of texts these people read, we’ve come across a select few that they all commend as worthy reads for people seeking to achieve unparalleled success in their fields:

1.      Influence: Science and Practice:-

Written by Dr. R. B. Cialdini, this particular masterpiece tells one everything they need to know about the art and science of influence. The book is packed with different empirical studies related to marketing, economics and even social science. It is recommended by Warren Buffet and Guy Kawasaki as one of the books successful people read.

2.      The $100 startup – Chris Guillebeau:-

Is it possible to live a purposeful, adventurous life and still earn mighty well? Yes! Packed with thought-provoking studies from over a thousand businessmen, this page-turner shows you how to make the most out of life while achieving everything you set out to. It’s one of the best books on success and is advised by high achievers like Seth Godin.

3.      The Effective Executive:-

Jeff Bezos cites this piece as one of the recommendations for company CEOs and in fact, anyone who desires to have excellence by getting the proper things done. Written by P. F. Drucker, the business-oriented book touches on some essential practices like time management, priorities and making decisions. There’s also a great articles and research papers to read for leaders online.

4.      The Four Agreements:-

Mexican author Don A. M. Ruiz uses Toltec wisdom to show the pathway towards achieving and experiencing personal freedom. This book has been endorsed by Oprah Winfrey as a must-read for anyone gearing up for the success pathway.

5.      The Innovator’s Dilemma:-

This bestseller is seen as one of the world’s top reads due to its provocative nature. Written by Prof. Clayton M. Christensen, the book was said to have had a very deep influence on the late Steve Jobs. It’s also recommended by Guy Kawasaki and stems from the idea that companies can fail woefully even when they do everything ‘by the book’.

1.      Making the Modern World: Materials and Dematerialization:-

Written by Vaclav Smil, a favorite author of Bill Gates, the literary piece majorly focuses on the history of innovative concepts. According to Gates, Smil’s newest write-up got him thinking. “To know where we are going, we must know where we are coming from” – Gates (paraphrased).

2.      The Intelligent Investor:-

One of Buffet’s choice picks when it comes to books to read for success, The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham promises to help in shaping your intellect for investment. Warren Buffet describes the day he picked Graham’s book as the ‘luckiest day in his life’. We feel it will be an awesome read for you as well.
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