The Best Coming Soon Plugin for WordPress

The Best Coming Soon Plugin for WordPress:

When we start building a new WordPress site, one of the first things on our to-do list is to install the UnderConstructionPage plugin for WordPress. The free version is lightweight, and it comes with some gorgeous templates that are ready to be published in no time.

So, after selecting a design and entering a few words in the content area which usually doesn't take more than ten minutes, we have the first page ready for the public. Instead of worrying about people who may land on an empty page, we allow users to see our coming soon page where we like to place a few social media icons and a newsletter module when necessary.

Although the free version of the plugin is simply amazing, we couldn't resist but to try the PRO version. In short, we'll never need another coming soon, maintenance or coming soon page again!

Why we think UnderConstructionPage PRO is the best
Drag and Drop Builder:

Unlike the free version, the UnderConstructionPage PRO plugin lets you play with the design of your page. Yes, there are some templates you get to use and edit, but isn't it more fun when you start with an empty page and unlimited options? Well, of course it is, especially if you like to be creative.

Depending on the version you choose, you get to use up to ten amazing modules. Once you open up a new page, you just need to drag the elements around the page and show your creativity.

Write titles, subtitles, and content:

There are several modules that let you deal with text. Whether you want a huge heading with a custom font, a few sentences about your company or maybe a small notification anywhere on the page, you can choose an appropriate module. Choose its size, alignment, colors, background images... well, options are endless!

Add media files:

Adding images and videos is a piece of cake. If you have your images and videos, simply use them from the Media Library or upload them to your site. But you don't have to worry even if you are just starting out - since the plugin connects you to Unsplash, you get to search through more than 300,000 free images from the plugin itself! Be prepared to spend some time with these images because there are so many good ones.

Contact info, newsletter, and leads:

While you're still working on the coming soon page, why wouldn't you start collecting emails from your visitors? Or maybe allow them to contact you through a simple contact form? UCP PRO allows you to connect to MailChimp, Zapier, and actually any other autoresponder that can generate an HTML form. Whatever service you're using, you can connect it to UnderConstructionPage PRO in a matter of seconds.

Google Maps:

Having Google Maps on your site is a must-have feature for most of the sites that also have a physical location of their home or office. You can even have Google Maps for Gutenberg now. If you have UnderConstructionPage PRO, you will get the entire module ready for use. Just enter the address and a few parameters and you'll have a custom Google Map on your coming soon page. Isn't that amazing?!

Social Icons and other buttons:

Adding and customizing social media icons couldn't be easier. Choose icons, modify their size, color and link to your accounts. You can't have a business without social media these days, so having the icons is something you just have to have.

If you want to create custom CTA buttons, there's even a module for that. It is easy to customize the buttons in detail, and those can link anywhere you want.

Custom HTML:

If you know your way around HTML, you will simply love the Custom HTML module. Add the module, write or copy any HTML code, and the plugin will run the code for you. The only limitation is the HTML code standard and your imagination/knowledge.

What are you waiting for?

If you need a maintenance, coming soon or under construction page plugin for your WordPress site, UnderConstructionPage PRO is the plugin you must have. The features we described are just one part of the story. There are still dozens of features we haven't written about - they're just waiting for you to discover them.

For starters, click on the link and take a peek at some under construction page demo pages. What do you think?
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