Pump Up Your Sales with These Remarkable PPC Management Tactics

Pump Up Your Sales with These Remarkable PPC Management Tactics:

PPC management is often too complex for multi-focused digital marketing firms to master. If you don’t have your own team of PPC experts, it’s a good idea to partner an agency offering white label PPC management solutions. Here are some practices a professional PPC team recommends for effective PPC campaign management.

Themed, Focused Ad Groups:

An experienced white label PPC agency recommends ad groups focused on a single theme or keyword with relevant ads, ad copy as well as dedicated landing pages. A close match between the ad and user’s search term can lead to improved CTR. With a dedicated landing page, you’ll be able to drive conversions and improve Quality Score. Adding relevant negative keywords to each ad group can help you restrict unwanted clicks and ad spend wastage.

Unique Brand Keywords:

A professional white label PPC management agencymay recommend use brand keywords that are unique to an advertiser’s company or the products he sells. Brand keywords cost less but they are usually only used by a highly relevant audience that is familiar with the advertiser and looking for more information about advertiser/products. Brand keywords are an inexpensive way to get quality leads and occupy more real estate on SERPs.

Purposeful Landing Pages

Linking your ad to a single purpose landing page that’s aligned with ad copy and incorporates a strong call to action is a very effective way to decrease bounce rates and improve conversion results. Besides, it also plays a key role in increasing your Quality Score which can in turn lead to lower CPC and better ad rankings.

Device Optimized Bids:

Google allows you to have different bid strategies for different devices – mobiles, tablets and desktops. Depending on which device platforms your audience is most active or least active on, you can increase or decrease your bids so that your best ads get displayed on the right devices and you can experience high CTRs and improve your Quality Score.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion:

Professional white label PPC agencies use dynamic keyword insertion for greater ad effectiveness. By activating this feature, an advertiser allows Google to update the text of an ad with a search term used by a searcher. To activate, all you have to do is create ads that include the dynamic keyword insertion code. This feature allows you to make your ads more relevant to a user’s search term.

Expanded Text Ads:

Expanded text ads are the new format that professional agencies offering PPC management services are transitioning to drive CTRs. With an expanded text ad, you have more space to incorporate value propositions and create captivating ads that will occupy a greater amount of real estate. These ads are served across devices.

Callouts and Ad Extensions:

Ad extensions are a great way to provide extra information such as phone number, address, site links etc. that audiences will find useful. They also audiences to interact with a business - for example, a mobile click-to-call ad extension which allows a user to call a business directly from the ad. Callouts allow you to insert additional text below main ad text. Both need to be refreshed to stay relevant in the era of expanded text ads.

Setting up Conversion Tracking:

Conversion tracking is a useful tool to evaluate how many site visitors are taking desired conversion actions. Advertisers can track different types of conversions such as downloads, sign-ups, purchases and lots more. Experienced AdWords management professionals make sure to set up conversion tracking for important website pages so that they can tap into vital data to optimize campaigns and develop strategic bid plans.

These are some management practices to adopt for a supercharged PPC campaign. For more information, consult an expert agency offering PPC management services!
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