How Technology is Changing the World

How Technology is Changing the World:

Technology is experiencing very interesting moments in these years of the century, especially in Education. It is not only that academics and theoreticians are now questioning the traditional teaching format that regulates the developed countries, but that new technologies are making possible completely new teaching formats. Through three key points we have review  that how education will evolve in the coming decades and how entrepreneurs can find their niche market.

The new generations of students have at their disposal a series of tools and opportunities that only 10 years ago did not exist. And yet the educational model has practically not changed, it has not known how to adapt and take advantage of the proliferation of mobile devices to which today adolescents and young people from all over the world live.

It is one of the conclusions reached by UNESCO , an organization that says: "mobile learning is becoming one of the solutions to the problems confronting the education sector." And so m-Learning is born, education through mobile devices.  Adapting the training programs to the new platforms is the logical step and involves making the leap to places where young people are already -and not so young-.

A textbook with illustrations seems somewhat outdated today, especially considering the wealth of opportunities that await on the Internet. Why reduce a lesson on physics to mere text and equations, when we can use videos, 3D models and even interactive games?

Entrepreneurs have a great opportunity in these platforms, ranging from mobile phones to tablets and even, why not, smart watches because today the user can learn anywhere. And with its own rhythm. The m-Learning is a first concept that is combined with two other major pillar of education based on technology.

Games to learn:

Now that we have the right platforms and tools, the next step is to use one of the great cultural elements of the last 30 years, videogames. In a few countries of the European Union, video games continue to be seen as something minor, a leisure destined for the youngest members of the household, Error.

The video game industry enjoys more and more business volume every year than movies and music together. And of course, the public is not reduced to children or adolescents, but according to studies, the average age of the habitual player is already around 30 years of age.

With this potential in hand, many technological entrepreneurs have been developing educational videogames in fields such as languages ​​or mathematics for some years now. However, most of these games have a great margin for improvement: it is necessary to make them more fun and attractive for the community of players.

Online Platform of Courses:

We have seen that we have the tools and the format but, where can we find the knowledge? There are many European universities that already offer online training; there are even academic institutions dedicated exclusively to this type of teaching. That is the official formation, which makes access to culture and knowledge more democratic.

But at the same time they have been growing another series of unofficial platforms that are powered by free online courses or very cheap prices and that today are a breath of fresh air for entrepreneurs who want to continue training but do not have much time.  In this sense we can mention two examples of online training plat-forms such as and

Both collaborate with prestigious universities and offer their users access to very specific courses, very focused on a specific sector of the labor market. It is useful training, accessible from anywhere in the world and, if not, it is very cheap.  The advantages of this type of training are numerous and every day that passes has less to envy to a college face-to-face education.

It is all about understanding that technology has changed the world and has create many opportunities in any field whether it is of earning, learning or business marketing. Now it all depends on people how they will use the technology. 
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