Emerging Technology Trends In Digital Marketing

Emerging Technology Trends In Digital Marketing:

In technical sense, Digital Marketing is the purchase of products or services through digital media. It can be mainly attained with the help of internet, mobile phone etc. In today’s world, people spend as much as time in online, so, personal interactions and business mainly functions through the digital channels. The purchasing capacity of people did undergo rapid transformation, which means offline purchasing is becoming less effective. 

The main advantage of digital marketing is, it supports online customers at any time which means 24hours and also customers can access it from any place. Digital channels are cheaper than traditional media. To be specific, people are attracted to the digital media than other. It also saves time than the other modes of purchasing. Within this scenario, digital marketing can be done through internet, mobile devices, display advertising and other media. The major trends in digital marketing are as follows:


One can see that inculcation of innovative idea is very important to be successful in the field of business. A company cannot make profit unless they attract customers. So, the internet is a good medium to attract customers. Appropriate internet strategies can help marketing a successful effort. To be specific, websites, different forms of social media, communication through email are the main strategies under the internet to lead the marketing. The internet provides a stage to place advertisements to reach the customers. There are many potions to advertise on the web. Business firms can place banners, text adds on popular sites. It helps to attract the customers. One who is interested in digital marketing can also introduce adds on social networking sites like face book, twitter etc. The marketing of services and goods without the help of a physical store is helpful for the entrepreneurs who want to start a business in low cost. Through the internet marketing it is easier to overcome the barriers of distance. One can sell products in any part of the world. The internet also leads to build relationships with customers. When a customer buys a product from an online store, it is easier to send a follow up email to conform the transaction. Social media is also a powerful tool to increase the digital marketing. It includes Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. If a company joins these channels, customers can directly interact with them. Through tweets and comments from the customers company can understand the problem of their products because of that they can immediately solve the problem and can improve the quality of their product. Through the social media companies can explore the scope of advertising, for example, Facebook ads. Comparing with other traditional advertisement models like TV, radio, banners, social media ads are cheaper. Companies can also give paid news in social media. Facebook and Twitter has million active users that mean people are approaching this media for each and every thing. So, one can use it as a platform by creating an account in it. It mainly gives exposure to millions of people. It is free to create an account on social media. Email is also an emerging trend in digital marketing. It is easy for people to forward the same. It is also accessible and low cost method for most of the people. It also saves the time. Websites are one of the most important trends in digital marketing. As we all know website is a collection of web pages. It provides a stage for customers to be in touch with. A good website has relevant information. There are many marketing websites like Flipkart, Amazon etc. So, by creating a website and making use of it, business can be easily developed in different forms.

Mobile phones:

Mobile devices including smart phones are becoming the integral part of marketing and purchasing. Customers mainly use mobile phones to view the product, compare pricing, make and search information about the quality of product. By using mobile apps it is easier to market or purchase anything. The introduction of mobile apps changes the mind sets of the customers a lot. It provides the customer services like banking transaction. It helps people to transact money at anytime and anywhere. By using mobile apps one can purchase anything from anywhere. It also helps to improve business and also get customers from many areas. In the case of mobile apps there is greater scope for creativity. App developer can use many techniques and can make it more effective. It creates more customers and leads to better growth of businesses. There are also many apps to make a video call like Skype.  These types of apps help to contact face to face conversation. The mobile apps make marketing more interactive.  In short, the main advantage of mobile app within digital marketing is that it makes customer stand out from the crowd.

Display advertisement:

Display ads are mainly known as banner ads, and the same will be in the form of paid advertisement. It is mainly used for marketing a product. It helps the viewers to understand relevant content about the product and its marketing company. There are three important factors to consider in the case of display advertisement. They are visual appearance, location of the exposure and relevance. Mainly display ads are paid ads which appear in the front of websites with attractive graphics. Visual appeal is the main attraction of these ads because it has graphic content. It helps to grab attention. Companies can use videos and audios to boost up ads. Display ads increase the visibility so it benefits the business. The display ads mainly target people with specific individuality. There are different types of display advertisements like remarketing, target by website placement, target by interest etc. Anyways, display ads are the next level of digital marketing, especially within the global trends within marketing. So, the new world demands innovation and it is sure that digital marketing can easily link products and customers by acting the role of an innovative platform. The points mentioned above are the main trends in the field of digital marketing, and it is evident that these trends within digital marketing can help local and global business ventures.

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