SEO - Optimize Your Web Page Using SEO Strategies in 2018

Optimize Your Web Page Using SEO Strategies in 2018:

The first and the foremost step done by a search engine is crawling. It is done with the help of a software termed as crawler or a spider. These spiders move through different pages and links marking or indexing everything they find on their path. The indexed pages are stored in a huge database and retrieved when necessary. Indexing works based on keywords and it’s the most vital part in SEO. After Indexing, when a request comes to search, the engine process them and compares the indexed words in its database. Calculating Relevance is based on algorithms and it varies for different search engines, that’s the main reason why two different search engines necessarily don’t show the same results. Calculating relevancy is based on keyword density, links or metatags and after this calculation, most suitable results are shown on the display. Even though these are the outline procedures the key role in SEO is played by keywords.

Choosing the right keyword for SEO requires detail analysis on what is being searched by users, and which keyword describe the website best. Achieving constant rating for a website can’t be done with a one-word search string, for example. If your site is about different universities in India, try and focus on two or three-word search strings such as “SRM University Kanchipuram Chennai”, “IIS University fee structure”. And also you can use long tail keywords like “Top Distance MBA Colleges in india”, It’s better to concentrate on less used and highly specific words.

There are keyword suggestion tools available in the Internet for getting an Idea on which keywords really matters. After finding targeted keywords, the next big task is to fill your websites with these keywords, so the crawlers index your page in its database. The recommended keyword density is around 3% to 7% for major keyword and 1% to 2% for minor keywords, it is not necessary that you have to stick with these percentage always choose accordingly. Placing the keywords in the title headings makes it easier for the page to get noticed than the keywords placed on bottom of the page. Having keywords in URL boost your websites rating even more than you could imagine.

There are varies other building blocks to good Search Engine Optimization or SEO like Backlinks, Meta tags, and the king among all these is Content. Since a website is aimed to a human audience creating quality contents in an engaging tone sets the game.

The different kind of methods can increase the value of webpage within the search results. Cross-linking between the same website pages to provide more links to some important pages may improve its visibility. Adding suitable keywords to web pages Metadata, including Meta description & title tag, this will help to improve the relevancy of a sites search listings, then it increases traffic.

The different kinds of search in SEO, including image search, video search, academic search, new search. Web pages will be displayed by search engines when a user enters a local search (keyword) for its product or services. It more focused on national or international searches. The importance of search engine optimization is to improve the visibility of your websites.

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