How to increase your website traffic results by focusing on quality over quantity?

How to increase your website traffic results by focusing on quality over quantity?:

Will you ever get satisfied with the traffic result on your website? No, not really. We’d always aim and strive to build more traffic to the website. You might have heard the saying more is not always better. This exactly suits the website strategy of boosting traffic and conversion rates. Often times we neglect quality over quantity which is not a good choice. The fact is that high quality should be given more preference than high quantity and the quality should speak for itself.

In this article, we will tell you ways how to increase quality traffic to your website and gain higher conversion rates.

Plan your strategy of fast traffic:

In order to appear on the Google search engine page, you have to deliver something Google thinks is worth appearing on the first page. You need to invest in your time and money and get fully dedicated to receiving the desired results as it’s a long time investment. Similarly, you need to plan your strategy and determine the type of traffic you want and aim to target the audience. Your plan should be to drive the targeted audience to your website to increase traffic and convert them into sales to earn your income accordingly.

        i.            Choose the right quality keywords to increase traffic:

When it comes to improving traffic to your website, content is the king. Next in line is selection of right keywords. Selection of right targeted keywords will bring relevant traffic to the website which can be converted into sales. Try using long-tail keywords and repeat it two to three times to gain more visibility. Also use the keywords that gain most traffic keeping relevancy in mind.

     ii.            Solve the queries of your customers:

The content you post has great potential to drive heavy traffic to your site if it can solve the problems and queries of the potential clients. This is a make or a break challenge in SEO, if in any way you fail to solve the client’s user you might lose him. The content you publish should guide the users through the process so there’s no space of confusion. This will build the trust of the clients and improve the traffic of the site.

   iii.            Use Long-tail Keywords and avoid keyword stuffing:

Whether you have a startup, newbie, or experienced website a great technique to ace the SEO strategy is to use long-tail keywords. Keep in mind to make a list of long-tail keywords that are relevant since short-tail keywords give high competition. Therefore it’s preferable to use long-tail keywords which can drive heavy traffic with desirable results. Moreover, when it comes to placing keywords you should integrate important keywords near the beginning of page titles and don’t overuse them which will result in stuffing.

   iv.            Try paid social media paid campaigns:

There are many social media paid advertising network available at your disposal. You can choose the social platform according to your niche and budget. You must have probably posted your content on the website and you want to promote your content to convert readers into potential clients. You can make a choice from Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. and test paid campaign which will drive a high volume of traffic and help you in reaching top position.

      v.            Recycle old content:

An effective way to gain visibility is to use your popular content and refresh it and make it more unique. It’s a misconception if you think old content can’t bring you traffic, in fact, Google loves updates version and is willingly ready to rank it higher. All you need to do is modify your content and publish it and it will bring an effective result to your site.


Driving traffic and generating leads isn’t difficult but getting quality traffic to the website is what is needed. Quality traffic is considered to be the top concern of any SEO strategy and to achieve it you need to invest in a lot of time and effort to grow website traffic.

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