Shocking Reasons Dry Shampoo Is Actually Bad for Your Hair — and What to Do about It

Dry Shampoo as a Magic Wand for Busy People:

Dry shampoo increases the charm of our personality by improving the condition of our hair. Just like the lipstick, it gives a new life to our lips and enhances our appearance.

Dry shampoo is similar to a magic wand for the busy people. To avoid the appearance of your oily hair, you just need to sprinkle the dry shampoo on your scalp. It’s a superfine powder suspended in the spray.

Addiction to use Dry Shampoo:

Many people are addicted to using the dry shampoo including the busy people and the beauticians. No doubt, that dry shampoo helps to absorb oil present in our scalp.

Due to the excessive oil on the 3rd day of washing our hair, our hair looks greasy and oily. But dry shampoo helps in the root-lifting and gives an illusion of fresh hair.

Oatmeal and Corn Starch as a Dry Shampoo:

Using a powder to clean the scalp oil is totally a new idea. In past, women used corn-starch and even oatmeal to remove their scalp oil and for the appearance of fresh hair.

But dry shampoos are commonly used nowadays and are very injurious to our scalp skin because of its following ingredients:

Ingredients of a Dry Shampoo:
  • Powdered rice protein
  • Tapioca starch
  • Even clay in the aerosol form.
Dry Shampoo vs. Shampoo:

Dry shampoo isn’t an accurate name of it because a shampoo helps to clean your scalp and hair using a combination of detergent-type ingredients. These ingredients help in breaking down and removing the dirt present in your scalp.

Whereas dry shampoo doesn’t work similarly. Its only responsibility is to absorb your scalp oil so that your hair doesn’t look dirty.

At last, Truth found out about Dry Shampoo:

After several researches on the dry shampoo, it turns out that dry shampoo can’t be the safe cure for your oily hair because it could harm your hair and scalp, like making your hair dull and causing dandruff.

If you are a regular user of a dry shampoo then it’s a need for you to go through the Shocking Reasons Dry Shampoo Is Actually Bad for Your Hair — and what to Do about It.

Shocking Reasons Dry Shampoo Is Actually Bad for Your Hair and Tips to Fix:

1.     Fact:

Dry shampoo doesn’t clean your scalp oil. Instead, it contains some amount of alcohol and a powder base. Due to these, your hair may dry out and have to suffer dandruff.

The Fix:

Try not to use the dry shampoo instead make a habit of washing your hair twice a week.
2.     Fact:

Dry shampoo can also make your hair dull and steal away the shine of your hair.

The Fix:

If you have colored your hair then don’t use dry shampoo. Instead, use a color protecting shampoo during shower.

3.     Fact:

Dry shampoo is injurious for our hair. Because our hair and scalp require gentle daily cleansing. And it’s very important to have clean, flake-free and powder free scalp for the healthy regrowth of your hair.

The Fix:

To avoid scalp issues and dry, brittle hair, it’s essential to stop using dry shampoo. Instead, massage your hair once a week to help in the circulation of blood in your scalp which helps in the healthy hair regrowth.

Seek a Hair Specialist Help:

If you were unaware of the fact that dry shampoo can be too hazardous and can cause hair loss. But if, your scalp skin and hair are damaged to an extreme stage. Then instead of wasting more time, seek a hair specialist help in time before it’s too late.

Visit a Trichologist at the Hair Transplant Center:

Arrange an appointment with the trichologist at the hair transplant clinic, so that he will guide you properly according to your hair loss severity and scalp condition. The trichologist will carefully go through your scalp and hair condition. Then he will notify you about the severity of your hair loss.

If your scalp and hair are damaged very badly or to an extreme stage, then the trichologist may recommend you to get a hair loss treatment in Abu Dhabi from the hair replacement Dubai center.

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