5 Types of Customers Personality (And How to Handle Each of Them)

5 Types of Customers Personality (And How to Handle Each of Them):

There are four basic customer personality types that visit your website.
By understanding the wants and needs of each type, you can better tune your MWR - Most Wanted Response for higher conversions.

Here is a summary of the four basic customer personality types.


The Aggressive visitor knows exactly what he or she wants and will scan your page copy to quickly determine relevance to their needs. Also he loves online roulette voor geld. As usual, though, he’s aggressive when he plays in any types of casino games.
Aggressive browsers will typically determine page relevance within 10 seconds, so it's critical that the page headline immediately catches their attention.
The Aggressive personality likes to control their web experience and tends to get annoyed at automatic pop ups and any audio/video that starts on its own.
One possible advantage of the Aggressive visitor is that they tend to be fast in making a purchase decision. If you can prove your worth to them, you'll have a quick sale.
Concentrate your page elements on calling out the main benefits and summarize content using bullet points.
The bottom line? Tell them what your product or service does that helps solve their problem.


The Systematic customer personality types require facts and information (typically lots of it) before making a purchase decision.
This means taking the time to provide additional details and documentation to prove your product or service does what you say.
This personality type requires information that is systematically organized and makes logical sense. Accuracy is important to them. They will leave your site in order to conduct further Internet research (i.e., looking for 3rd-party reviews.)
Systematic types require testimonial proof and/or case studies so that they can see just how your product works for others. Hard facts in the form of tables or graphs can help close the sale.


Impulsive customer personality types are not always sure what they are looking for, but if they chance across something they think can help them, tend to make an immediate purchase.
Impulsive visitors typically like the stimulation of graphics, audio and video as long as it is informative and helps them make a buying decision.
Large amounts of data in the form of tables and graphs can be annoying or even overwhelming.
Impulsive visitors tend to react well to money-back guarantees and limited-time offers.


The social customer personality types are very people-centered and typically active in one or more social networking sites (e.g., Twitter.)
This personality type is usually slow to reach a purchase decision as they prefer to check in with others in an attempt to find someone who has used the product or service.
Social visitors can be difficult to monetize, but having a product or service that has a social element to it (e.g., dating sites, cell phone accessories, computer games, music, etc.) is a big plus.
Social customer types want to know who else has used the product and if it performed as advertised.

Using the Four Customer Personality Types:

While many visitors to your site will have one dominant personality type, there will also be mixtures of the other personality types as well.
It's possible for someone to come to your site with an urgent problem that makes them act as an Impulsive visitor. That same person could come back weeks later researching a problem for a non-urgent issue, acting more like a Systematic visitor than an Impulsive one.
So, is it really possible to design a particular page on your website to appeal to all four customer personality types?

There are a couple of general rules that can be summarized as follows:
  1. Get to the Primary Benefit of your product or service right away
  2. Bullet point additional product benefits
  3. Write in small easy-to-scan paragraphs
  4. Bold important words or phrases so they stand out
  5. Further down the page, test the addition of more product detail
  6. Test limited-time offers
One important element to think about is how your product or service might appeal to each of these customer personality types. If you have a very expensive offering, you'll most likely want to concentrate on Systematic visitors and less on Impulsive Visitors.

Ultimately, no one but your customers can tell you how to design a page for improved conversions. So, in the end, you simply must let your customer make the decision for you.

The Google Website Optimizer:

Once you have a better understanding of how your customers fit in with the four customer personality types, it's time to enter the world of page testing utilizing the free Google Website Optimizer. Click the link to better understand this amazing tool.

Page testing will help you scientifically determine which page elements (headlines, pricing, testimonials, offers, etc.) provide the best conversion rate.
These four customer personality types can also be a springboard to better understand your Buyer Personas. Buyer Personas are composite biographies that represent your typical customers.

As a small business owner, you don't achieve your goals until the customer achieves theirs. By taking the time to understand what is important to your customers and testing your web pages, you'll be on your way to maximizing your web page conversion rates.
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