Your website has been optimized.... Now WHAT???

Your website has been optimized.... Now WHAT???:

Last week, as I was having lunch in a restaurant, a young man sat next to me wearing a T-shirt stating “ The road to success is always under construction!” I thought right away about how much this applied to all websites!

As I came back  to my office shortly thereafter, I spoke to a customer whose website had just been re-optimized a couple weeks earlier. This individual asked me to  forecast as per when he should expect to see ranking improvements. I was somehow surprised to be asked  that question such a short time after we had updated his site... regrettably, to my customer’s frustration, I had to respond “it depends...” as I realized that I would have to cover several variables involved in all SEO campaigns. This is why I decided to write the following article in order to emphasize the fact that re-optimizing your site is only part of the overall strategy that every single website marketer should implement.

The optimization for your website is like food supplements for your body: no matter how many food supplements & vitamins you take, you still have to feed your body healthy food on a daily basis. An up-to-date optimization  will  contribute to  your success, however, you will need to “feed your website”  with a healthy content and ongoing one-way link enhancement!

Although re-optimizing your site is a great & mandatory step toward ranking improvements, it is not sufficient “to do the trick”.

Furthermore, it is impossible to know when you will be able to harvest results from such action. In other terms, forecasting the timeline for result improvements from a re-optimization is unfeasible. In fact, like in the aforementioned example of my customer asking for the “SEO crystal ball”, his website had been featuring an obsolete profile for quite a  long time.  Such site had therefore been indexed and re-indexed repeatedly by all major crawlers with an archaic technical infrastructure. This means that for months and maybe years, this website had been known accordingly by all major search engines....

Okay, the site has now being re-optimized — its  updated content will be picked up by Google technology and other major crawlers within a few days/weeks — the site will be known for its  “rejuvenated” technical profile — major search engines  will then come back and forth and re-index this site on a monthly basis —  it will take months to establish seniority with this up-to-par infrastructure and  to see ranking eligibility amelioration— it is like  cleaning up someone’s  bad credit history; it takes a long time for financial institutions to trust a person who has had previous bad credit; the longer someone had  financial troubles/bad credit, the longer it takes to reestablish a trustworthy relationship with banks — the same applies for a website: the longer it has been left with an antiquated optimization, the longer it will take search engines to make such website eligible for ranking betterment.  It may take as little as a month and as long as a year — nothing can be done from “this side of the internet” to expedite the process.

As mentioned earlier, re-optimizing your site is not sufficient in itself without a good link popularity. Link-building is a ceaseless effort which needs attention on an ongoing basis. This is a “continuous task”: be relentless!!!

Now... your website has been re-optimized? Good deal! That’s just the beginning!  Time has come to work on your link popularity —  work on your website content — be patient and tenacious: the road to success is always under construction (I wish I was the one who came up with that one!).

By the way,  after re-optimizing your website, if a search engine consultant/ SEO technician is being prognosticative in regards to when ranking improvements will occur, you then have every reason to worry! Such individual would need to have psychic powers! This type of “visionary forecast” is a fraud — once again, in spite of the frustration involved, there is no way for your SEO agency to  guesstimate what is not technically possible to assess. In most cases,  clients want to be reassured — they want someone to tell them that results are just around the corner —  most people feel that if they have paid for optimization, the SEO agency they contracted should know as per when more traffic should be  expected....regrettably, such “presage”is not available.

May be I should not be so straightforward....but come on! Your SEO agency has only limited powers.... Their work consist of re-optimizing your site and it is not like you have a choice anyway! A good optimization is nothing without a great website content and valuable incoming links... Re-optimizing is  just your first step....

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