These 11 Lessons Will Make You a Better Blogger

These 11 Lessons Will Make You a Better Blogger:

Today I have found out a tendency that every second Instagram follower has a tricky sing ‘Blogger’ in his or her account. But have you ever thought of what differs a real success blogger from a fake one?

Today the field of blogging has changed from an unusual hobby into a real and habitual profession. Bloggers make money on their lifestyle and on the fact they share their life with other people.

Probably, one of the most important questions that bother everyone is not ‘how to write my college essay’, but how to become a successful blogger and how to create a successful blog? We have created a must-do list of 11 lessons you have to obey in order to become an accomplished blogger.

Your image:

One of the most popular bloggers, who is, simultaneously, a good friend of mine, always says that a key to a success blog is not at all about being a blogger. It is about becoming successful in some other fields of life and only after achieving some success or being on your way to success, start writing about it. You should find your vocation above the edges of the Internet and tend to develop your personality towards your goal. Only after becoming someone else, you would become a better writer. 


Content is the weapon you hit your followers’ hearts with. That is why you have to think carefully about the strategy of your content to create a successful blog. there are many website builder application which you can use for your blog for spread your stories and blog article. and generate more traffic and more visitor for your product.

Choose the field:

The idea of the field you write your posts is similar to the idea of the image of a blogger. You should somehow decide what you are going write or shoot videos about and increase the number of interesting posts in this sphere. If you are a teacher of English, probably you should write about your approaches in learning foreign languages. If you are a student, write about different student tips and student lifestyle.  Even if you are a mom of a kid, write information, which concerns upbringing a child, which may be useful for many other moms-followers.

Know your followers:

This profession has a very good privilege – you have the precious opportunity to choose your audience. First, you write about things you like and, depending on that you may determine the age and the sex of your followers. Having known that, it would be easier for you to plan your posts and the content of it.

Quotes and stories:

Think of what attracts your attention, when you follow someone’s account. Probably, you follow this or that blogger for a certain reason. Once you have time to think of it, we would share a tip with you. Popular quotes and personal stories are best devices that will attract your hypothetical followers and make them want to subscribe to your account.

Good picture:

It doesn’t matter much, whether you write your posts on some website, upload photos to Instagram or film videos on YouTube – the headpiece is what attracts your subscribers most of all.  Everything is like in real life - you are judged by appearances at first but by your mind later on. Take care of a design of your blog.

Read a lot:

Reading is always a good idea. Books are your way to improve your language, enrich your vocabulary and find out more sophisticated words, phrases, and collocations.


To become a better blogger is very important to maintain relationships with your followers and subscribers. It doesn’t mean you should ask the ‘how are you?’ on a daily basis, no. But what you have to do is to answer their questions in comments and tend to lead a dialogue with the followers. Do not avoid any opportunity to thank them for their following you and their feedback.


Modern Internet devices allow you to analyze the frequency of visiting your account and the most appropriate time for your posts to be read. Think ahead of what you are going to write, for instance, this week and make your subscribers aware of it.


Search Engine Organization is essential for any blog. Hashtags are the tools with the help of which people, who are not your followers yet, may find you and get interested in your blog.

Series of posts:

This is a tip that many popular people use in their posts. The mechanism of it is quite clear. You have a very intriguing and long story that you split into two or three posts. Do not forget to leave certain hashtags on each of the post that will unite a series of posts. 
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