Emerging Web Development Trends to Flourish in 2018

Emerging Web Development Trends to Flourish in 2018:

Responsive Web development services are the latest fad in website development and web designing scenario. Typically, Web development & designing is a rapidly evolving industry that is difficult to predict, especially in terms of upcoming trends and methodologies, as well as those that are soon to fall into oblivion. There have been several important trends that appeared in 2017 alone. Some stayed while others were lost.

Emerging Web Development Trends to Flourish in 2018

For Web Development professionals and services, it is important to keep track of the latest trends, as well as keep themselves ready for those to come in the near future. In order to cope up with all the implications imposed by website development & designing, it is important to stay updated. Following are the web development trends that are already in the fray but are expected to evolve greatly in 2018:


To define simply, the chatbot is a program defined to interact with a user. For now, the capability imparted to chatbots is limited to text. However, it is expected to add visual interaction sometime soon. The advent of chatbots is a direct consequence of the fact that messaging apps active user base has exceeded even the total number of active users of social networks. There are several purposes served by a chatbot, ranging from briefing up a user about some product or service to continue carrying out a casual conversation.

Google AMP:

Over 80% Internet users access the Web from a Smartphone, giving a good enough reason to content caterers for deploying opportune responsive Web development services. However, Google put a step forward by introducing Google AMP. The remarkable service allows Google to optimize search results in terms of speed and loading. There are several advantages of integrating Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for businesses, including increasing SEO-friendliness and an improved mobile search experience.

Materialize CSS Framework:

Materialize CSS Framework is an open source framework. By combining CSS SaaS and JavaScript framework, the resulting framework targets user experience by merging cleanness of flat design and simplicity with the real world using motion. It aims at filling the gap between the web design and the real world. Though the framework lacks several components popular to Bootstrap, it comes with several exclusive components like Parallax and Toast. Materialize CSS Framework is ideal to take care of basic styling, custom components, and animated transitions all to enhance user experience.


The popularity of HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) have exponentially risen in the past few years. Whether it’s a Web development company in India or individual users running websites, all prefer these cryptographic protocols to keep user data safe against malicious activities over the Web. As another perk of using HTTPS, it gives businesses using the same an edge in terms of Google ranking and SEO.


Node Package Manager or NPM is the default package manager for Node.js, the JavaScript runtime environment. With WP-CLI, it becomes easy and quick for installing Node.js. The most powerful functionality offered by NPM is that it saves developers the effort of creating packages all over from scratch. Node Package Manager allows developers to add and reuse packages whenever they require.


Word Press – Command Line Interface or popularly known as WP-CLI is a convenient way for WordPress Admins to access commands without the need of a web browser. What makes WP-CLI extremely popular among WordPress developers is that they don’t need to use multiple commands to pass control to the admin, only a single command suffices for the purpose.

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