Sikh Wedding Ceremony A Virtuous Affair Between Mutual Couple

Sikh wedding ceremony is a religious and custom affair that associates matchmaking couple in a holy relationship. Even Sikh matrimony is a single day event, but includes a lot of custom and traditional practices to accomplish matrimonial ceremony. Sikh marriage celebrations begin from the very first day of a couple’s love and companionship. Sikhs wedding auspicious date and time is fixed by two families unlike Hindu marriage. Sikh matrimony comprises custom and religious significance towards the big day ceremony. Sikh matrimony is an exchange of lifetime vows and companionship where the couple will spend an entire life together. A wedding occasion not only unites mutual couple, but also two families of the same community. Sikh bride and groom come in this forever relationship by strong support and agreement of their families, thus; this is a unity and partnership of two families as well.

 Sikh Wedding Costume:

This is big day deal as the couple is much excited to fulfill their dream. Sikh wedding attire is the symbol of culture to express their traditional values. A sweet dream came to become true of Sikh bride and groom on this day. A Sikh groom wears traditional churidaar with kameez or a highly embroidered sherwani to get look smarter as well as wear turban and keep kirpan in his hand as this is a sign as the groom will always protect his better half. And a Sikh bride wears auspicious red color heavy salwaar kameez or official traditional lehenga and wear ornamented customary jewelry that gives her for wedding ceremonies.  

 Sikh Wedding Custom and Rituals:

Wedding rituals and custom deals in the wedding ceremonies as these are significantly of Sikh cultural and religious beliefs. Sikh Matrimonial Ceremony is very special having a touch of numerous custom and traditions are here as:  

Tilak ceremony:

Tilak sacrament is an initial step towards wedding day when Bhaiji or priest of the Gurudwara recites holy hymns and the date is fixed by them. Both families’ participants exchange gifts in the Gurudwara. 

Chura ceremony :

It is an awesome occasion performed at bride’s home. The bride is offered red color bangles are ornamented with gold work by her maternal uncle and aunt this sacrament is known as Kalirein. 


Mehandi ceremony almost takes place in all the communities’ wedding ceremony. It increases bridal beauty. Mehandi is pasted on her palms and feet as this color expresses love of her mother-in-law towards the bride. And further more ceremonies are performed step by step to the accomplishment of the wedding ceremony like gharchola, varmala, pheras and vidai ceremony etc.

The Khatri Punjabi Matrimony sites have swelled in number:

The khatri community has a very rich background to boast about. They were the military power during the Munhall Empire. They had the power to participate in all the decisions related to the wars during that period. Under the British rule, the community had evolved as the merchants and traders in the society. They were involved in handling the economy of the areas. Hence they were the upper caste of the Kshatriyas. They are mostly settled in the state of Punjab but with urbanization, the people of the community have spread to various parts of the country and the world. The Khatri matrimony sites are many in number as the demand for such services is very high.

They have traditions and customs which are both interesting and bright. The wedding customs are full of dance, music, and entertainment. They are foodies and thus like to indulge in the elaborate layout of the food and multiple cuisines during the wedding. They believe in big and elaborate wedding functions with a strong attendance of guests and relatives. The Khatri brides are decked up with heavy outfits and jewelry for the wedding. It is like a big fat Indian wedding with complete pomp and show.

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